Pyjama party McCall’s 6659 (M8056)

Hey hey everyone. I’m writing this post on the way home from London. It was a gorgeous sunny weekend with good food and lovely people.

almondrock gretchen gertie hirsch raystitch charlotte newland

Here’s a silly pic taken by Karen where I’m trying to keep my bun out of Roisin’s face UNSUCCESSFULLY!

Tasha was visiting London so I headed down to hang out with her and Marie, Jane, Charlotte, Emmie, Karen and Roisin for a day of fabric shopping and gossiping. Mel joined us for a bit as well, very sweetly carrying Tasha’s bags of treats. Both Tasha and Mel have lovely accents so I really enjoyed listening to them talk and they did a great job of defeating their jetlag. Amazingly I briefly met Gretchen Gertie Hirsch while she was teaching at Raystitch!! She’s utterly gorgeous in real life as if that’s a surprise.

almondrock joel and son fabrics elie saab

I spent some time mulling over fabric choices for my wedding dress. This Elie Saab style embroidered mesh stole my heart. Ultimately I came home empty handed and still pretty confused about what style I want. But something that I did decide after seeing Emmie, Gretchen and Tasha’s stunning vintage curls is that I reallllly want to get my hair sorted so am looking for a free weekend to book myself in for a new do.

almondrock mccalls 6659 pyjamas

So what about the pjs? I wanted to finally share a picture of the finished set being worn not just laid out flat.

almondrock mccalls 6659 pyjamas

The pattern is McCall’s 6659 (now renamed M5086) which I made once before here. Again this is views C and G. The fabric was a gift from Katy Jones during my first week at Practical. She sits two desks down as editor of Quilt Now but excitingly this is a print from her fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics!! It’s Sunday clippings on a voile base.

almondrock mccalls 6659 pyjamas

I like how the bird peeks out of the pocket heehee. And the vintage turquoise buttons make me smile. The sleeves would look better a bit shorter or longer I think. I didn’t made any adjustments to the top but I altered the trousers to have a deeper curve in the seat.

almondrock mccalls 6659 pyjamas

Better confess that I topstitched the front closed and now I throw the top on over my head. Never going to wake up with the buttons undone and everything hanging out that way! Everything is overlocked inside and the crotch seam is double stitched for security. Everything staying where it should.

almondrock mccalls 6659 pyjamas

 Definitely need to make another set or two! They’re great to sleep in and I feel put together when I wake up. I can retire my slobby worn out tshirts now!

Have you made pjs recently? Share your links!!

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  1. That sounds like a lovely day in London!
    Your pyjamas are gorgeous – what amazing fabric! You’ve reminded me I really need to make some new summer pj shorts!

  2. The fabric you used is gorgeous, and I love the buttons!

  3. Oh they’re gorgeous, if they were mine I’d never take them off (seriously!) So lovely to see you on Saturday Amy, I had the best day ever. xx

  4. I love this fabric, such a nice pair of PJs. I love the group photo at the top of the post. I’m making my first Gertie pattern from her latest book at the moment. Apparently she is doing quite the tour and will be here next month too!!

  5. Ohhh – Art Gallery voile is so lovely to work with. These must have been really fun to make.

  6. Great post Am. I have never thought of sewing the front down – simple but genius! Jo x

  7. Pam (sweetpeagreen) says:

    Beautiful fabric ❤️❤️

  8. Those pajamas are divine! Going to stitch up my own pair today.

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