I hope you like this peek into my sewing space. I know how lucky I am to have a dedicated space to sew, and although it feels like an indulgence at times, it brings me a lot of joy being able to store all my supplies and work without interruption. It’s still a work in progress but hopefully you enjoy seeing some snaps of how it’s coming along and I’ll keep updating it as I add more details.

I moved house in Jan 2021 and wasn’t able to replicate the space I had in my previous house. I was still able to keep my long Ikea desk for my sewing machine and overlocker to sit side by side. Plus the famous pink chair that I always get positive comments about on social media.

The Kallax units double as a tv stand and hold all my fabric, papers, buttons, machine accessories, pressing hams and clappers, plus many more awkward size items! Each drawer is filled with either interfacing of different weights or zippers. The ridiculously large television was given to me FREE when we signed up to a tv provider.  I don’t really need something this big in my sewing room but I tell you what, it was fun to watch Sewing Bee on!

For those wondering what happened to my cutting table. I modified my very popular “Ikea hack cutting table” into version 2 with a square top and mounted on casters! But then it broke under the weight of all the fabric. So the fabric now lives in the pink and blue Kallax boxes.

I got a hand-crank standing desk base from Ikea and mounted a custom piece of MDF on top which is perfect for cutting out projects. I use a transparent Rhino Cutting Mat on top which has seen better days but is excellent for filming tutorials on.

The star of the show is my pattern cabinet which is from work (Simplicity Patterns) and holds 5000 patterns. This boggles my mind sometimes… but I have all my patterns from before I joined the company plus new designs in case customers message us with queries/to use in marketing imagery/for writing tutorials and articles, etc.

To keep things tidy I’ve mounted a few wall hanging spool holders, plus I bought a back of door hook for my ironing board. In hindsight I should have gotten one with a iron holder too! So I might swap it out soon. A full length mirror helps when checking the fit of garments I’m making and brightens up the room.