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    Strawberry stripes McCall’s 7322

    Theres something magical about pink and red together. It shouldn’t work but it totally does. And there’s something magical about this jersey. It’s another fabric that we got for a work project (out next week) and I ended up buying my own, obsessed with it!! Its such good quality, it had to be done. I wore the top to the office on a particularly bloated and tired day and someone told me I looked great. That made me like the magical top even more. Funny how easy swayed I am!

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern

    The jersey is thick enough to sit smoothly on the body but light enough to still feel like a t-shirt, it’s also holding colour perfectly after a few washes and showing no signs of wear. It’s from Bloomsbury Square linked here and is nearly sold out. There’s a similar fabric here at Cornish Haberdashery and also here at Bobbins and Buttons! I’m pretty chuffed with my stripe matching and overlocking/top-stitching. As you can see below I always try and land my twin needle stitches just on the edge of the folded under seam allowance so it looks like a cover-stitched finish… until the day I can afford one. I also added to heat transfer patches to the chest I got from China because the colours match perfectly!

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern

    Back to the top! This is my fourth version of M7322 but first blogged. Sorry about that. But all four are striped and all matched at the side seams, sleeve seams and magically on some of the armhole. You can achieve armhole matching too if you use this pattern and an evenly stripe fabric. The armhole and sleeve are the perfect gradient/curve to ease the stripes together. Intrigued? Read on

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern

    On many patterns the sleeve head is aggressively shaped, curving at an incline that doesn’t match the gentle curve of the armhole. Does that make sense? But not this one.

    First…. Use a stripe layout, matching the underarm points of the front and back bodice and sleeves with the same part of the stripe. Sew your bodices together and your sleeve seams, matching your stripes. You’ll ned to pin every stripe together if you want a flawless match. Now everything should start to come together ready to make the sleeves…

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern

    Turn both your sleeves and bodice WS out and mark the seam allowance at the armhole in air-erasable or water-soluble marker. You should be able to match the first few visible stripes on the front bodice above the sleeve seam as you see above.

    In all your stripe matching here is a quick note, you’re not aligning the stripes RST, just matching points at the seam line if that makes sense. The stripes won’t always match in the seam allowance area. The goal is to cross perfectly at the seam line. Pin both horizontally and vertically then quickly tack stitch this area of the armhole by hand if you want guaranteed success.

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern saltaire

    Here’s a peek of the top out on a day trip to Salt’s Mill in Saltaire. This amazing historic town was custom built by the mill owner so his workers had somewhere to live. The area is now grade listed and the mill is the home to a David Hockney gallery and amazing cafe plus lots more. As well as the mill we like walking by the canal, stopping at the barge that sells ice cream and visiting the park! It’s a great day out. Ahhh how much I already miss summer!! Watch this space for a cheeky kitten top…

    almond rock stripe matching ponte jersey stretch knit tshirt top mccalls 7322 sewing pattern

  • Other stuff

    Berry good!

    After a super busy week (and a bit) I’m back in business with some sewing!! Firstly I’ll say Portugal was lovely and hot and relaxing.

    When I got back I went to my Little Fro’s second graduation!

    Super proud of him. He got a distinction don’tcha know. Look at him in his cap and gown, so dashing.

    Then on Friday I got whisked off to A BALL! Yep you heard me. I’m kind of gutted that I couldn’t make a ball gown but as I was only given 3 days notice I couldn’t really have whipped one up. Really it was amazing to be invited at all!

    The ball was part of a charity golf day and dinner with Bedfords that Jimi and his work colleagues were attending (as they manage the marketing for the company). We had a slap up dinner, then there was a raffle and auction before the dancing started.


    Jimi and I tore up the floor. His work colleagues were in awe as they’ve never seen his unbelievable dancing before. I am well aware how good his is and use it to my advantage, dragging him up every two mins. At one point it was just the two of us, spinning and quick-stepping around. Legendary night.

    And then the weekend arrived and I raced back to my sewing table!! Hence the name of the post.

    It’s all gone a bit pink and fruity here in the flat.

    First off I got a new sewing pattern off eBay. Now isn’t this a cute little number?!

    Look at that grapefruit pink! It totally works on the blonde fox on the envelope. She’s so chic… I’m jealous.

    But what the heckers fabric should I use?

    No, seriously!

    It doesn’t tell me anywhere on the envelope  or pattern sheets what fabric to use.

    I’m kind of guessing some kind of  opaque polyester?! (As there’s no lining instructions.)  Possibly thinking red and white polka dot…..

    Raspberry ripple

    Secondly, I’m working on a top for next weekend’s night out. It’s Sewing Sarah’s birthday drinks in Saltaire.

    I have some lovely raspberry chiffon and I’m making New Look 6962 view D without the tie.

    I hate chiffon. Well I hate sewing it. I love wearing it. Quite the dilemma.

    I’ve made good progress already. I altered the front bodice so I don’t have to wear a top underneath like my star-print top.

    Then finally I’m starting on a secret strawberry project. All I’ll say is that if it goes to plan it’ll be a treat for someone nice and I might put a tutorial up as well.

    Time to log off and watch more Wilfred season 2 (omg that show is hilarious, watch it) while tidying up the sewing corner! Turrah for now!