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Time for something unusual today… a “pretty fail”. I don’t tend to share garments I’m not happy with on the blog as I probably won’t wear them and the problems aren’t something that others can usually learn from (like bad colour choice or low quality fabric, etc). This time I love the fabric used for this dress so much I’m going to fix it at the weekend to make it more wearable!

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

This is the Eve dress by Sew Over It. I bought this pattern from Village Haberdashery something like a year and a bit ago as I loved the elegant versions popping up on the internet. I then paused as wrap styles never really suit me due to my extreme difference in proportions. I’m still currently a 36A cup size and 31″ waist with a 44″ hip. I need a really flared wrap skirt to flatter my lower half and need to ensure a close fit at the bust given I don’t have much to fill the top. I made view A which features fluted sleeves and a longer hem length. My fabric is suitable drapey and opaque (always a winning combination in my book) and I love the bold teal colour.

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

This is a twill fabric from Mandors of Glasgow priced £5.99 and comes in a couple of colours but I couldn’t resist the teal. They sent me the fabric for free in exchange for a review of their service and I was pleased to see my parcel nicely wrapped in tissue paper and sparkly ribbon, and washing/care instructions were included for the fabric. The range and prices on offer were surprising when I started browsing as I’d always assumed Mandors were a small business but with plenty of lovely dressmaking fabric and unique patterns on offer I’d be tempted back again for sure. And as I look at fabric shops for a living I have high standards.

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

While I adore how swishy the sleeves are I think the combination of longer length and big sleeves are drowning my 5ft4 frame. I have very narrow shoulders and feel like they’re getting lost. The print on the fabric being ditsy does suit me I think as it’s not too overpowering and the bold block of colour makes it an eye-catching dress.

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

I made a size 8 around the upper bodice, grading to a size 10 waist and then a size 14 hip. Given the wrap style there is a lot of room for adjustment here but I think the bodice is quite loose and prone to moving so I either safety pin it shut or wear a pretty slip underneath. It billows a little at the back too so is quite airy to wear on a hot day (not that they seem to be coming back soon!) The length feels very romantic and looks nice with heels or flat shoes. It just comes back to those darn sleeves.

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

I tried tucking the sleeves in for a photo (don’t laugh please) and instantly felt unburdened so I’m going to unpick the sleeves and bias face the armholes. I just don’t think I’ll wear it again if I don’t do this, even though I love how vintage 40s the silhouette is.

Almond rock Eve dress Sew Over It Mandors Glasgow

Isn’t it funny how your brain can picture some garments so clearly in the planning stages to help you match the right fabric to the right pattern and sometimes it can lead you down an odd path…

Time to look at some gorgeous versions of the dress like this “nightie” version by Emilie with some clever observations, Cheryl’s stunning rose print and not forgetting this “too big and too small” dress by Daphne inspired by Boden.

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  1. I made this dress last year, I ended up taking out some of the fullness on the bodice front, essentially a SBA and it stays put well. The sleeves are ok on me, but then I’m much taller. I hope you get it sorted.

  2. Carol Thomas says:

    Definitely better without the sleeves.

  3. I’m wondering if the sleeves are just a bit too long? I’ll be watching this space as I was planning to make an Eve dress, and I have narrow shoulders, too….so I can’t wait to see how you make it work for you.

  4. Kelly says:

    Consider this: In the 1940’s most dress patterns included a small shoulder pad (and for very practical reasons as all reasons in the 1940’s were.)

    Just the smallest thinnest pad can change everything. Try folding up socks, inserting them like pads and wearing the dress with the same shoes you are wearing here. Shoulder pads are wonderful. They just can’t be obvious.


  5. Maggie says:

    Actually I like those sleeves on you! Kelly’s comment about the soft shoulder pads is just right. That would solve your narrow shoulders and help you to love those sleeves (I love them) but I really think the dress looks lovely on you anyway.

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