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Birmingham Rag Market (aka how to spend your pay packet in one day)

I’ve already told a fib. My pay packet didn’t just disappear at the famous rag market in Birmingham but also at the Bull Ring shopping centre across the road.

Now I wouldn’t say I live particularly close to Birmingham. The first time I ever went was for Marie and Kat‘s wonderful blogger meet up at the end of last year. Another meet up is organised for June 15th!

Last time I caught the megabus and arrived in three hours. This time I had the pleasure of being chauffeur driven by Mr AR and it took half the time!

The bull ring lured me into buying new shoes, make up and jewelry. I’m not doing the seamless pledge officially but it makes me happy to only buy things I cannot make myself.

I then tottered over the road to the outdoor market. The outdoor fabric stalls weren’t as good as I remembered but I think I was rushing. The sun was out and markets were extremely busy so I decided to pop inside and return later.

My favourite stall inside is the one run by two women; one is older the other a lot younger. They’re in roughly the centre of the indoor market and their stand is a treasure trove. One downside is everything is stacked on top of each other and I always fall in love with the bottom rolls. (That is an amazing way to finish a sentence I have to say!)

Success!! A houndstooth georgette, a rust coloured lace and a lilac crepe with purple Morse code spots.

Then to top it off when I ventured back outside I found some lovely multicoloured spot “German viscose” (not sure what difference German manufacturing makes) plus some black corduroy and navy crepe (not pictured).

I definitely recommend the rag market for sewists on the hunt for a bargain. And if you’d like some company exploring get yourself along to the June 15th Rag Market meet up mentioned above!

I’ll be there for sure. Just don’t let me buy anything!

PS. Check out the Rag Market’s awesome new website! It’s still in development but much more friendly than the previous version.

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  1. Oh wow, your fabric choices look amazing, especially that lace! I only live a few miles away but don’t think I make use of the market as well as I could (maybe that’s a good thing tho, I don’t have that much room in my house for more fabric)… I will see you in June, you will have to help/advise me with purchases if you’re not buying (but I bet you give in!) Can’t wait!

    1. yippee will be great if we’re both in Birmingham at the same time! 🙂

  2. I love those fabrics, and I also love the stall you mean – it’s where I got my matryoshka print cotton the last time, and those women are really funny. I love Pete’s Sew Good for haberdashery as well – 5 zips for £2 on his stall!

    1. It’s sooo good there. I’m pretty sure I could give up shopping in Leeds for fabric if I regularly planned Birmingham trips

  3. love the morse code fabric! can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    1. Thanks you! I have a plan. Fingers crossed for me!

  4. Cor what a great array of frabrics – what to work with first!!


    1. Cheers m’dear. The polka dot drew me in first 🙂

  5. Being from ‘The People’s Republic of the Black Country’ the Rag Market is a hop, skip and jump away. I LOVE IT THERE. Bargains galore. I want to go now.

    1. haha yesss give in to the pull…..

  6. I love the houndstooth and morse code fabrics. I would want to decode the morse, but I’m pretty sad that way!

    1. haha what a clever idea!

  7. Ohhh! Those fabrics are delicious! I love the viscose- it looks like tiny lens flares on 70s pictures. Awesome!

    1. ohhh yeah clever. That was my fave purchase.

  8. Sounds like a lovely day out. I love houndstooth, too, always have. And that’s one thing we might be able to make for ourselves – I want to learn how to weave it. I’ve seen patterns in weaving books, so theoretically it should be possible.

    1. Oh wow you clearly have great ideas. Weaving sounds amazing!

  9. Wow! Another spot to add to my sewing tour wish list!

    1. ooh yeah get yourself there asap!!

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