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Best laid plans

I took a little sew-cation using my annual leave so I could work on my Anise and ended up doing barely anything on it!


Instead I’ve mostly been working with my mum to make her a Chanel style tweed jacket. The jacket is coming along so well and really makes me glad I did the course to learn all the techniques.

We have cut out, quilted, fitted and stitched it all together and I’ve left mum hand-sewing all the lining down before I return and help her mark the hem and sleeve lengths, do mitred corners and organise the finishing touches.

2013-09-22 17.37.01-2

I have one day off left so I need to make sure I get up early and get cracking. I’ll be redoing my Anise muslin with some hard-core adjustments and hopefully get cutting with my fabric. I picked up a bright blue wool coating from the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham.

  • I need to re-draft the armhole and sleeves as something just isn’t working with these. I’m going to use a similar jacket with a two piece sleeve that I know fits fine.
  • The back princess seams are also too thin so I’m going to move them closer to my centre back.
  • I need a little more length I think, just so it will cover all my favourite longer-length cardigans. This is probably the easiest of all my alterations.
  • I think the collar needs shaving down a touch as it seems a little large on me. I’m not yet 100% certain I’ll do this as the finished versions I’ve seen on the Internet seem to be in proportion so perhaps I just need see it through as per the drafted instructions.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Your mum’s jacket looks lovely.

  2. Super. Fierce.

  3. Glad your mum agreed to a photo! Her jacket looks really good. Good luck with yours!

  4. The Chanel looks lovely but I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on the Anise as its on my fall list as well.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! Hope you checked out the finished article.

  5. Oooh, it’s lookinig good!!

  6. Your mum is adorable. And the jacket is RAD (to do my Amanda impression!)

  7. Wow, this jacket is amazing! How fun that you’re able to make this with your mom!

  8. Wow, your mum’s jacket looks great. looking forward to seeing your anise too.

  9. Making a jacket is a bit of a sewing milestone. Your mum’s jacket is awesome. Can’t wait to see your finished Anise, it’s such a cute pattern.

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