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    Blue jacket 2.0

    I’m back!! I feel like I’ve been away from the blog for ages (sob sob).

    Today I’m sharing the story of a little blue jacket. This bad boy:


    I bought it from Next a few years ago. It has some awesome details like cool pockets and great top-stitching.

    But if you wear a jacket for several years, stubbonly refusing to get a new one, it’s going to end up bobbly, full of holes and missing buttons. Ack!

    Then… (plot twist alert!) during early February another Amy remade her favourite blue coat and I won Sonja’s Anise giveaway, so I started to hatch a plan.

    Ahem, I promptly sat on my butt and did nothing with that plan for months and carried on wearing my broken jacket – what a hobo.

    But now I present to you blue jacket 2.0!!


    I found this awesome blue coating at The Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham which is a near perfect colour match. It may have been a little bulky for the Anise but think I get away with it.

    2013-10-08 18.18.15-2

    I used fusible interlining for warmth and a mixed blue satin lining, which reminds me of looking through a window on a rainy day (I’m so poetic).


    I used prym metal self cover buttons and nearly broke my thumb by not buying the assembly gadget. You’ll notice no bound buttonholes. I swear I practiced them… here’s the proof!

    2013-09-23 22.32.18
    But in the end I felt like I didn’t need the extra hassle/bulkiness. I’m glad I learnt the technique though!

    I think I like the quality of my welt pockets but I’m a bit iffy on my collar execution. It was soooo fiddly to sew together and turn out. The curves of the collar look a bit lumpy to me. Hmmmmm…

    2013-10-08 18.18.19-2

    Because I’ve seen it on many rtw jackets, I added internal buttons to minimise stress on my exterior buttons and to stop the left side slipping.

    One totally obvious thing I didn’t add was a hanging loop. Why isn’t this in the instructions!?! I’m really gutted about this as it won’t hang up now. Booooo.

    2013-10-08 18.18.43

    So there you go! My jacket is done and I can get back to some less stressful sewing!

    2013-10-08 18.18.10-1

  • Other stuff

    Best laid plans

    I took a little sew-cation using my annual leave so I could work on my Anise and ended up doing barely anything on it!


    Instead I’ve mostly been working with my mum to make her a Chanel style tweed jacket. The jacket is coming along so well and really makes me glad I did the course to learn all the techniques.

    We have cut out, quilted, fitted and stitched it all together and I’ve left mum hand-sewing all the lining down before I return and help her mark the hem and sleeve lengths, do mitred corners and organise the finishing touches.

    2013-09-22 17.37.01-2

    I have one day off left so I need to make sure I get up early and get cracking. I’ll be redoing my Anise muslin with some hard-core adjustments and hopefully get cutting with my fabric. I picked up a bright blue wool coating from the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham.

    • I need to re-draft the armhole and sleeves as something just isn’t working with these. I’m going to use a similar jacket with a two piece sleeve that I know fits fine.
    • The back princess seams are also too thin so I’m going to move them closer to my centre back.
    • I need a little more length I think, just so it will cover all my favourite longer-length cardigans. This is probably the easiest of all my alterations.
    • I think the collar needs shaving down a touch as it seems a little large on me. I’m not yet 100% certain I’ll do this as the finished versions I’ve seen on the Internet seem to be in proportion so perhaps I just need see it through as per the drafted instructions.

    Wish me luck!