Sewing A-Z

A is for… ART!

Today I’d like to share some wonderful art pieces that I think you’ll enjoy.

They are all stitch related in some way and I find them extraordinary, witty and beautiful. I hope you do too!

Daniel Kornrumpf mimics brush strokes through thread, so so clever!

Jose Romussi is an artist who embroiders over the top of (predominantly black and white) fashion magazines, advertisements and old photos with stunning effects.


This chuckle-inducing craftivism project by brings together Lionel Ritchie lyrics, abandoned furniture and Embroidery to create Lionel Stitchie! Plus she encourages anyone interested in buying her work to instead donate money to cancer research.

Mister Finch is a textile artist who uses scraps of thread, fabric and paper which are stitched and pulled together into captivating creatures and plant life.



Finally I shared these beauties two years ago but can’t resist including them again.

Karen Nicol’s animal portraits amaze me.
Words cannot properly explain what she does given the variety of techniques used. Her Monkey portraits are my favourites. You must check her out and her new pieces including this amazing bull.



And finally the fabulous Lionheart Project of crochet lions that has travelled the country (sorry the Website appears to be down at present – hopefully because adding more dates for 2014).

What did you think? Do these works inspire you like they do me?


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