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“What’s that girl? Timmy’s fallen down the well?”

No need to send out the dogs to find me. Lassie can carry on fighting crime and saving children through the power of barking.*
I’ve just been having some time off and some technical issues!

Make Me - mathilde blouse (1)

I’ve been busy beavering away on a dress and two tops but illness, family bereavement and a new job haven’t helped with the energy to do photoshoots. And my wordpress was refusing to publish my latest jacket post so I’ve given up on getting it live for now.



Today we have a brief interlude from my jacket progress to present my Mathilde blouse wearable muslin.

*Fun fact. Timmy never fell down a well on the show as far as I know. Lassie fell down a well. Timmy got stuck in a mine shaft and fell in a river though.

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  1. Glad to see you back, hope things are a bit better for you. Your Mathilde blouse looks lovely. I would call it a “wearable full stop” as it’s too good to be a muslin!

    1. Cheers Sabs! It’s a little snug across the chest but I’m still planning on wearing it until it pops 🙂 I’ll work out the fitting kinks on teh next one.

    2. This inooimatrfn is off the hizool!

  2. How fabulous! I love your version.

    1. Thanks Vicki 🙂 I think I might have a dangerous polka dot addiction!

  3. Sorry you’ve been having a difficult time lately, but it’s great to see you back! Your Mathilde looks lovely, way more than just a wearable muslin I’d say ;o)

    1. Thanks Marie. I’m happy I’m getting back into the swing of things; Including coming to your next Birmingham meet up! I let Kat know this morning. Will be lovely to see you all again. Not sure if you’re coming to London next week?

  4. Sounds like life is testing you at the moment… keep your chin up.

    1. Thanks! Doing my best. My little brother is a big fan of saying “chin up”. It’s a good mentality to keep to.

  5. Great version of the Mathilde! Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope you get things sorted soon and I send you a big hug. 🙂

    1. You are so sweet! Things are returning to normal again so the future looks bright for blogging, sewing, meet ups and much more.

    2. Zach / I am inteserted in joining the United States Marine Corps. I would like to become an field artillery cannoneer and I know what score I need to obtain on the asvab. Other than getting a good score, can you give me any advice to obtain my goal of becoming a field artillery cannoneer? Thanks.

  6. Good to see you back, your Mathilde is lovely, and I will look forward to seeing your jacket.

    1. Thanks Lynne, I think I mentioned on twitter it’s like the reverse of your first version! The jacket is going to get some tlc soon I hope.

  7. Your blouse is so lovely!

    1. Cheers M’dear! Can’t beat polka dots

  8. Love your Mathilde. Definitely too good for a wearable muslin.

    1. Thanks muchly (it’s a teeny bit too small on the chest so will be ironing out the kinks in the next version. Yours is lovely, I can see why you picked it as one of your proudest makes. I want to make a lighter coloured one like yours.

  9. Lovely lovely blouse. I’ve been mia from my blog as well, but very sorry to hear about your difficult time.

    1. Thanks so much Elise! It’s good to be getting back to normal. Your Elisalex was very sexy in chartreuse I have to say 🙂

  10. Hey lady this is a fab most definitely wearable muslin! Hope you’re OK? Xx

    1. Thanks lovely lady! I’m getting back to my normal self which is good. My proper Mathilde is going to be in something bright and spring coloured. So in awe of your denim skills. And I bought some courduroy inspired by your kelly! xx

  11. Your Mathilde is looking great! I vote that the next version is made with horse print.

    (Great meeting you yesterday!)

  12. So great to meet you on Saturday! I’m contemplating the Birmingham meet up, even though I have enough fabric to last me for a LONG time

    1. oh god me too! I think I’ll just be going for the friendly faces rather than shopping!

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