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    Golden girl Zadie

    One of the best bits of a new dress is hanging it up before you wear it to soak it in. Do you do this? It is good when you can finally wear something for the first time though.

    The pattern is the Tilly and The Buttons Zadie dress which I’ve made before and this stunning fabric is Abstract Birds on mustard cotton interlock from Roo-tid. It’s a GOTs certified organic interlock with a lovely rich colour. I was kindly gifted 2m by Carly who designs all the fabric in her shop and even turns them into cute homewear items too!

    Whenever I’m sewing stretch fabric my topstitching can either be twin needle stitched and zigzag stitched. I honestly like both styles. This time I chose a 2 x 2.5 zigzag.

    As per my other versions I made the straight size 4 with 1″ added to the length. In interlock the fit is looser than ponte but I quite like it. Gotta love those triangular insets and pockets!

    Mustard is such a great colour to wear all year round. It’ll pair well with navy tights and brogues in cooler months. And sandals right now! Today I wore it out for ice cream on our little high street. The sun was shining and a jazz band were playing in the bandstand. Not too shabby right?



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    Pass the wine ponte Zadie dress

    Today I’m sharing my solid coloured Ponte Roma dress using the Zadie pattern from Tilly and The Buttons. This is my second version of the dress, my first was colourblocked but I knew a solid version would looks fab.

    Look at the lovely diamond seaming and deep pockets!! The longer sleeve option was my immediate preference to make a cosy version. I love the way the seam lines flow across the bodice into the pockets. A stable thick Ponte Roma is perfect for this pattern as it is warm but not too thick at the various seam junctions.


    There isn’t waist seam the full way around so you don’t get a really snug fit at the waist but I tapered the side seams a little to help create an hourglass shape. Other than that I made no adjustments to the size 4. A 2 x 2.5 zigzag makes a secure seam on Ponte and I used thin ribbon to stabilise my shoulder and waist seams too. The ribbon helps take the weight of the fabric and avoids it stretching out over time.


    I bought the wine coloured ponte a while ago but it’s still in stock. It washes perfectly and the colour is rich and attractive. I get a great amount of compliments when I wear the dress. And it’s perfect for autumn, winter and spring!

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    Don’t be shady, be a Zadie

    Hello everyone!! It’s been a lovely sunny day here but a little brisk. I hope you’re all warm and cosy in your sewing rooms.

    I’ve just finished my first week of driving to work. Trains to Stockport aren’t the most efficient or cheap so by driving I’m now saving lots of money (that I can spend on fabric) and lots of time (that I can use for sewing).

    Today I wanted to share pics of my finished Zadie dress by Tilly and The Buttons. The team were sweet enough to send me a copy at the start of the year when we featured it in the mag.

    Look at the lovely diamond seaming and deep pockets!! The cap sleeve option was my immediate preference. Just by the way the seam lines match up with the bodice.

    There isn’t waist seam all around so you don’t get a really snug fit but I tapered the side seams a little to help. Other than that I made no adjustments to the size 4.

    I bought two matching weights of ponte from Jack’s Fabrics in Leeds market. There was a gorgeous turquoise but it was much thinner than the rest of the ponte which seemed like a recipe for disaster.

    Given the unusual construction I had to read the instructions but naturally they were pretty flawless. The only thing I had to work out for myself is how to overlock the insides. That was a mixed success.

    The neckband is my best yet. Tilly suggests the best stitch length and width for a subtle zigzag that still makes a secure seam. I used teal ribbon to stabilise my seams too.

    Not much else to say other than I might go back for the turquoise and make a solid version with long sleeves! Are you going to try Zadie? Let me know in the comments!!


    I was asked to share some inside pics to show my overlooking. It’s a little ropey as my thread tension was a little off working with the multiple layers.

    Back of armhole first. Overlock the sleeve hem. Overlock the underarm. Sew the sleeve then overlock each side of the raglan. Press SA down and hem underarm. Topstitch catching the SA at the intersection to secure.

    Front of armhole. Same as back but a little smidgen of contrast colour SA shows… not from the outside of course.

    Waist seam point. I overlocked the two layers together stopping close to the v (above and below) but couldn’t get right on top due to changing layers.

    Pocket was easy peasy to overlock. Same as the side seams!