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    Practice makes perfect

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. I didn’t get much time for sewing this week but I tried my best. Mostly I was practice sewing! I have so many items queued up to make.

    During the week I meddled with a Sureau and a Macaron muslin. Then this weekend I worked on the muslin for the bodice of a ball gown! You can see my adjusted second muslin below.

    2013-11-03 20.20.13

    I’m using a vogue pattern that I won from Dottie Doodle’s 12 in 12 pattern giveaway. It has a sweetheart neckline and boned bodice, with a full skirt. I’m going to be such a ballerina!! I have coral polka dot tulle and matching underlining. I don’t need the dress until mid-December but I’d rather start dabbling with it now so I don’t run out of time.


    I was rather sad I couldn’t sew anything for Halloween but I had no parties and no time for making a costume. I was very much in love with Cherry Blossom Girl’s homage to Tim Burton. And was in awe of the EPIC Lobster Costume by PS I Made This. But hey! There is always next year for the chance of a party and an excuse to dress ludicrously.

    Finally I’ll just say tomorrow looks exciting as I’m making a little trip to Lidl. I only hope they don’t sell out! I recently came into a little inheritance from my Grandmother and the request was that I use it on something that makes me happy. I’m putting most of it in my new house fund but I’ve managed to convince myself that £150 is an acceptable treat for something that will make me very happy.

    SergerNow I just need to decide what to do with my clapped out Singer Babylock (“Sergei” the serger). He’s at least 10 years old… probably 20 years old(!) and though he’s well serviced and does the job, he’s like the Granddaddy of overlockers — Crotchety and grumbling every step of the way. Maybe I can find him a new home with someone else happy for a “starter serger”.

    I’ll be back during the week to show you a cute new top that was super fast to make. As long as I can get enough sunlight to take photos of it, that is!