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    uh oh!

    Something unthinkable has happened…

    I’m not digging my fishy dress anymore.

    I still LOVE the fabric to death but I feel like I’m letting it down with how I’m using it.

    Is this a crisis of faith?

    I was too smug wasn’t I. Not posting pictures and dancing with glee about it. And now I look at what I’m making properly and I’m not sure I’ll want to wear it when I’m done!

    Or is this just a result of my awful day?

    It has been a stinker. If I’m honest I don’t feel the bestest either. I have a headache and feel slightly nauseous and grimly. Maybe that’s skewing my perception?!

    I haven’t put the waist band in yet so it looks like a giant tent. Generally my sewing is up to standard apart from a ropey bit of hem that I want to redo.

    I think it’s just coming off mumsy if that’s even possible. The necklines not low enough or high enough and the hem is looking far too long.


    I’ve given up for the night. Not sure if I’ll be feeling the love again in time to finish it for dinner Saturday but I could alter my time frame and aim for next Saturday by which point maybe I’ll be loving it again.

    Or have come up with a way to fix it.


    I’m doing the right thing aren’t I? Sleeping on it and evaluating over the weekend?