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    Spy my sewing space

    Today I wanted to share my sewing space with everyone.

    see through sewing space

    I wish I was posting my Sassy Librarian Blouse but fate has conspired against a photo shoot. It shouldn’t be much longer.

    It can be a little addictive to look at people’s sewing rooms online. An entire room to put their hobby in!

    It’s something I dream of having when we move and is a big factor for me in selecting a new house.

    When I start drooling I try to stop and think:

    “Is something frustrating me about my sewing space which I could easily fix?”

    This weekend was a day to get things in order.

    A quick ikea trip and some ruthless stash sorting has made a wealth of difference.

    2013-07-07 17.29.46-1

    It’s not the most spacious and glamorous area but it works for me in my teeny flat.

    I’ve got some space on my bookshelf for sewing books, magazines and pattern books.

    2013-07-07 17.33.36-1

    My mannequin Beryl fits behind the sofa ready and waiting for fitting tasks.

    2013-07-07 17.57.24-2

    I use a drop leaf dining table as my sewing table which has its flaws but helpfully it can hold my cantilever sewing box, machine, serger and spool holder.

    2013-07-07 17.20.53

    I have an ikea storage unit with big teal boxes for all my fabric; I have winter weight fabric in one, summer weights and what-not in a second, ufos and re-fashions in a third, and scraps in the fourth. My vogue calendar hangs from the side keeping me inspired.

    My patterns sit in two expanding box files just out of sight but always in reach, along with my rulers, cutting mat, and new tailor’s aubergine!

    So there you have it, a look into how I’ve squeezed a sewing area into my living room.

    Today has also been about  pre-washing fabric.

    2013-07-07 18.00.24-1

    The fantastic folk at Minerva Crafts have sent me this luscious viscose and New Look pattern 6069.

    But more about that later…