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    Candy cane New Look 6707

    It’s quite thrilling to be one of the first people to review a pattern. When you search for hashtag inspiration and get photos of planes instead of patterns, you know you’re going to be one of the first haha.

    Almond Rock makes New Look 6707 v neck blouse with oversized collar in pink gingham

    New Look 6707 is a sweet v-neck blouse that has an optional oversized ruffle collar and puff sleeves finished with a hem band. It was only recently released and taps into that trend of statement collars we can’t seem to escape right now.

    I really liked the pattern but was scared whether the collar would be too big for my narrow shoulders. I thought the only way to know for sure would be to sew up a wearable toile. I chose a polycotton gingham that I had in my stash from Minerva. It was originally for a sweet 50s dress but I decided I wanted a smaller print for that project.

    Close up of Almond Rock in New Look 6707 v neck blouse with oversized collar in pink gingham

    The collar involves a fair bit of gathering to make that ruffle but it’s so sweet when finished. I cut my collar as the pattern recommended with a straight grain line arrow position. This means the front ends up on the bias of the gingham creating an eye-catching effect.

    Almond Rock makes New Look 6707 v neck blouse with oversized collar in pink gingham

    For the sleeves I already knew I couldn’t pull off the pleated sleeve caps. I tried that with my unfinished Sasha McCall’s dress which, yep you’ve guessed it, I didn’t finish for that reason. So on the tissue I folded out the pleats for a smooth sleeve cap while keeping the volume in the lower part of the sleeve. These sleeves remind me of the 70s McCall’s blouse I made recently.

    Almond Rock makes New Look 6707 v neck blouse with oversized collar in pink gingham

    Even with a wearable toile I couldn’t resist ensuring a good pattern match. But I think the fabric isn’t right for this design on me. It’s too sugary sweet for my liking and again, the print is too big. I’m going to make it again with a little more length in the body and a plain fabric or less oversized print.

    Almond Rock makes New Look 6707 v neck blouse with oversized collar in pink gingham

    I’ll probably still wear this during summer don’t get me wrong! Have you been tempted by this pattern?

  • Other stuff

    Careless cutting – NL 6808 take 2


    Oh yes I was smug. I had “conquered” New Look 6808.

    I was dancing around the living room in my finished top and thought hell yeah I’m gonna make another!!

    I decided to up the fun factor. Thick blue plaid with 3/4 sleeves so it’d be super warm and snuggly!

    I whizzed through it. And I lined up my plaid pretty well I thought… bust darts excluded obviously. More delicious smugness.


    I was even deliberating adding an exposed metal zipper for extra cool factor. Oh yes I’m that cool ladies…

    Then it came to the sleeves:
    Attempt 1 – went mental and forgot the direction of my plaid. Ended up with them in a blatantly different direction to the rest of top.

    Attempt 2 – correct plaid direction.  Waaaay too much ease.

    Attempt 3 – used tips from Casey and Green Apples on reducing ease from sleeves. Reduced too much and couldn’t lift arms/get top off again/thought it wanted me dead.

    Attempt 4 – cap sleeves a la version 1. Tried to remove less ease than previous attempt. Still removed too much. Again the top tried to choke me to death but with less vigour this time.

    Attempt 5- oh wait I’m out of plaid!! So I resigned myself to having a sleeveless top. Rather than buy more just to mess around with sleeves.

    So I started snipping the frayed edges down to apply bias tape (of course they were frayed after all this sewing and unpicking) and had some kind of deranged spasm!

    I snipped right into the top! Right in there, nice and big and unrepairable. Oh and did I mention I’m out of plaid!?


    Pffftt…. crapzola.

    So my top just earned itself a nice place in the bin. At least now I can move on to something else.

    Hello Polka Dot Truffle party dress! I’ve left you alone for too long.