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    Me-Made-May 13 – week 5 round up


    And its over….

    This final week I wore nothing but repeats so I won’t bore you with photos of my outfits.

    This was my second year of Mmm13 and I’m a little disappointed with my performance. But hey that’s how you learn right, by examining how to improve in the future.

    Quick maths using my photos and unblogged repeats meant I achieved 21 days out of 31… Oh that’s quite nice I suppose but I wanted to do 26 really!

    What did I learn about Me-Made-May?

    I liked trying to make my photos of a better quality with a variety of locations and different posing.

    My will to upload pics to flickr dissolved around the time I was packing for my holidays. Sorry lovely flickr peeps but the android app is horrendous to use.

    I liked adding an extra challenge with my polka dot week.


    What did I learn about my me-made wardrobe?

    I have plenty of me-made tops. I said this in a previous post but I started out sewing thinking I’d make oodles of dresses, but ended up with oodles of tops!

    I need more day dresses. Especially since my office has relaxed its dress code. I need dresses that make me happy but don’t look too formal. I know the best way to do this is make cotton sun dresses so I am going to put that into action.

    I don’t like any of my me-made skirts as they fit terribly (I didn’t wear them a single day!) and I hope to rectify this soon: I’ve signed up a to a skirt pattern drafting course.

    If I can nail the fit of skirts for my body shape I’d like to make a beignet,¬†a classic circle skirt, and possibly a kelly skirt.

    I also fell back in love with a dress I very rarely wear. It’s just a touch too short but that’s easily fixable on a second version.


    Will I do MMM next year?

    I think I’ll give myself the year off next time. I enjoyed this year as much as last year but I think I’d prefer to sit back and look at everyone’s posts, take inspiration and let myself choose me-made items for my daily¬†wardrobe on a more relaxed basis.

    I hope you found MMM13 enjoyable if you were taking part or just soaking up inspiration!

    I really enjoyed finding new blogs to follow as well as swooning over wonderful outfits.