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    Organisation is becoming a MUST for my sewing spot.

    I already try to regularly clear my sewing tools away, rather than leaving things strewn across my table but that’s not enough.

    I have a ludicrously small amount of space and I keep catching Mr Almond Rock cringe as he looks over at the various cuts of fabric and pattern pieces spreading over our second sofa in an aggressive manner!

    First up I tackled my patterns. I was originally keeping them in a set of three plastic drawers. The drawers were a dreary grey colour, the handles had broken and I barely fit what I need in them anyway.

    To the trash!!

    Instead I bought this little beauty. It’s an expandable document holder in grey and black with what reminds me of Blackpool on it!

    (yes it is also grey, I’ll give you that, but you must agree its not dreary right?! Unless you have bad childhood memories of rainy days in Blackpool)

    It’s got oodles of space for all my commercial pattern envelopes, my prima patterns that I keep in A4 ringbinder inserts, as well as my own patterns and any traced patterns that are just folded up pieces of baking paper.

    The envelope tops peek out a little so I can find them quite quickly which helps.

    Its made such a big difference already to the space.

    Next up I decided to purge my scrap bag. Or should I say scrap BAGS.

    Yes there are two. One for fabric left over from projects and the other with ufos and wonky muslins in.

    I attacked both.

    Less that a fat quarter or this red plain cotton? TRASH!

    Dress muslin with shoulder sewn back to front?! TRASH!!

    3 metres by 5cms long black wool?! TRASH!!!

    Top muslin that’s about 8 times too large and covered in dust and what looks like fabric paint? TRASH!!!!

    etc etc….

    Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like throwing away what could be valuable to someone else but trust me I was not letting go of anything usable.

    I filled a big carrier bag full of scraps which was quite rewarding.

    Finally I’ve organised my cord. I got a lot of this gifted to me and although I do use it for braided jewellery this stash isn’t going down in size very quickly.

    So I got this cute little teal washing basket! It holds everything nice and neatly.


    What sewing admin do you try and do regularly?

    Any tips for a lady with zero spare space?

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    I will NOT throw my rolled hem foot across the floor


    Right, so not to be narky but I was promised by a couple of people that a roll hem foot would change my life. My hems would be “neat and chic” and “look dreamy”. I got a 3mm foot for under ¬£5 and away I went practicing and practicing….

    I thought I’d pretty much perfected my technique. Yay me.


    Smugly I then attempted to add a rolled hem to my latest top project. Errrr disaster.

    Not sure whether I crumbled under the pressure of it not being test fabric, I need more practice with my technique or whether every time you have a go at these hems there’s a high chance of it turning crap.

    Probably all three!

    I’ve ¬†just read an ace blog post offering calm collected top tips for rolled hems from someone going through the same torment as I have been. I recommend you read it you’ve contemplating buying a hemming foot.


    I’d also recommend you get a 4mm or even 5mm (if they do them) as I think it’ll be easier to work with as you’re not trying to get such a tiny hem started/maintained! I’ll be off to try and buy a 5mm one soon.