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    Blog hop, skip, and jump

    What’s a blog hop when it’s at home!?
    It’s like a massive conga line of bloggy fun, that’s what!

    Trace it back to the start if you dare. I have been nominated by Louise of Sew Sensational to keep the party going. Louise is a fellow Minerva blogger and a total sweetheart. And I’m not biased just because she’s from Leeds.

    The premise is simple. Answer a few fun questions then shake your hips and name two more conga buddies to take over from you.

    Deep breath and here we go!

    almond rock blog hop

    Why do I write?
    Well that’s an intense question so I’ll give you an intense answer…

    I need this blog to prove to myself and to some degree the world that I have dedication and commitment to sewing, that my sewing skills and the quality of my projects are improving, and to create visible proof that I’m doing something I’m proud to share with others. Plus blogging is pretty fun right?

    almond rock blog hop

    What am I working on?
    So many sewing, blogging and personal goals are bouncing around in my head these days.
    I always have sewing projects queued up. My list could take up several years. But this year I definitely want to complete an advanced vintage pattern to as high standard as I can manage. I’ve been plugging away with this a little every night, hoping that patience can yield amazing results. You should see the final dress in mid-Sept.
    Also, I coded my site after teaching myself css and really want to improve on it with a better gallery and improved header art. I don’t even care if most readers never click through to my browser because they’re happily followng me in a reader, I’m redesigning for me!
    Finally when we move into our new home later this month I want to make sure I enjoy being in our new space as much as possible. I want to decorate and have friends round. We’ll be enjoying lazy sunny mornings, epic cooking sessions and post-work swims at the nearby pool. Life isn’t just for sewing and blogging!

    almond rock blog hop

    How does your blog differ from others of its genre?
    This is a bit tricky as the premise of many sewing blogs is the same.

    I think there are two things that I’m proud of myself for doing. Firstly I choose sewing patterns that aren’t that popular. Either they have ugly pattern art or have been out of print for years or have somehow missed the attention they deserve.. But I don’t care because I can see they are hidden gems.

    I suppose it doesn’t make me unique but I generally try and keep my blog happy. There’s so much in life to get down about, I like this little corner of the Internet to feel good about what I’m doing. It’s bright and colourful and has subtle (and not so subtle) attempts at humour and I hope people enjoy reading it.

    almond rock blog hop

    How does your writing process work?
    My commute is two hours long; that’s usually the perfect time for me write, edit and schedule blog posts. Except for when the signal cuts out and you can’t save your changes — WHY SO MANY TUNNELS!

    I like to post at least once a week, but that might be on any day I choose. Usually I’m sharing a finished garment.

    My drafts folder contains a series of article-style posts that I know I can call on when I don’t have a garment to share but mostly I’m just winging it.

    Phew. So there you have it! My answers. Thanks so much to Louise for nominating me.

    My nominations!

    almond rock blog hop

    Now it’s my turn to nominate some lovely blogs to continue hopping.

    First up is the lovely Marie of A Stitching Odyssey. I’m so pleased sewing has introduced me to this lovely lady, she really is a good friend now and although I’m still a little in awe of her sometimes, she doesn’t seem to mind. She crafts beautiful clothes and always talks absolute sense.

    My second nominee is Helen of Mancunian Vintage. I love Helen’s approach to wearing vintage clothing and she even sews a bit too. She’s always a great source of Northern inspiration. But hold on! She’s about to move down South! How ever will I cope!? Well I’m sure she’ll do great things down there as she did in Manchester.

    Check out these fabulous ladies and the next posts in the hop on August 18th!