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    How a magnetic little thingumy took the sewing world by storm…

    There’s nothing like a bit of international post to brighten up the day!


    This lovely item comes from Australia. One of my favourite countries!

    I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by Sew Well

    (yes THAT OTHER Amy, of Burda Style and Mood Sewing Network fame!).

    She teamed up with Hollie (the inventor of the Seam Allowance Guide) to share an amazing sewing tool.

    What is it?

    The seam allowance guide is genius in its simplicity; like I said it’s a magnetic thingumy that “sticks” to the side of your scissors with an adjustable rubber band.

    Wait it gets better…

    When you come to trace those fiddly Burda patterns that don’t include seam allowance you don’t have to worry about adding it on. Just trace it as it appears in the magazine!


    Then what…?

    Pin your pattern piece to your fabric. Set the band to the required width (or your personal preference) of seam allowance. Then cut lining up the edge of the guide with the edge of your pattern piece.



    The pack comes with two guides. One for sloping scissors and one for non-sloping.

    Perfect for:

    • Burda Style Magazine patterns = that you’ve laboriously traced by hand while screaming to the sewing Gods “why are you punishing me?!
    • Bought Pattern books = ahem, see above
    • Copying your own clothes = as inĀ Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit (which I just happen to receive as a Christmas gift)
    • Creating patterns from scratch = of which I’m just dipping my toes in to like a terrified kitten
    • Altering patterns = well hello, it’s hard enough measuring the right fit and then having to calculate ease, and THEN having to add seam allowance

    Two thumbs up from me.

    I’ve put it to work 7 hours after receiving it.

    It would have been sooner if I didn’t have work today!