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Recap of 2012 (part one)

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As I read everyone’s reflections of the sewing year I notice excellent throughput and similar tales of joy and woe.

Now I want a go!!! Here are my hits, misses, reflections, inspirations and goals!

5 hits

1. The knockoff Elsie dress


2. New Look 6808 FINALLY


3. Little Green UFO


4. Slippy shiny slinky fake cambie


5. I love polka dots 6808


5 misses

1. Twinkle skirt – still not hemmed and mega frumpy


2. Tartan 6808 – cut a big slash in the back bodice when being careless


3. Fish print dress – Something about the fit or the length just isn’t right but I adore the fabric


4. Little Red Lace Dress – Too smart for work but too prim for parties


5. Not-so-sexy Sadie – Already falling apart due to poor jersey sewing skills

Sexy Sadie
Sexy Sadie

Stay tuned for more in part two!

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  1. I love your green dress, and I’d try lopping some length off the fishes dress to help love it again? Hope you have a fabulous 2013, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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