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Raise your glasses! *clink clink*

Oooh happy news in Sewing Land!

A new pattern company for us to drool over and patterns which can race to the top of our sewing queues.

almond rock capital chic patterns

Capital Chic is a new, independent sewing pattern company based in London and offering work wear, cocktail wear and day-to-night looks. The designs have a wonderful modern, fashionable feel, with clean lines and excellent attention to detail.

The patterns currently come in sizes UK 10-18 and are designed for the intermediate to advanced sewer. The Summer 2014 collection comprises six patterns (each with multiple options) which if you haven’t guessed are available right now as print-at-home PDF files.

And lookie! All the patterns are named after cocktails… mmmm delicious.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

Martini almond rock capital chic patterns

Martini is a cocktail dress with a twist. A crop-top shape with an above-the-waist skirt, the silhouette creates the illusion of a narrow waistline. It comes either as separates OR as a lined dress that looks like separates. Genius.

White Russian almond rock capital chic patterns

White Russian is a cute sweatshirt; use pre-quilted jersey or sweatshirt fabrics for quilting your own design. The pattern comes with templates for lion and fox quilting and appliqué designs.

Bellini almond rock capital chic patterns

Bellini is a loose-fitting, cap sleeved blouse with either a cutaway collar or (my favourite) a scalloped collar. The collar provides a blank canvas for embellishment (sequins, beads or sew-on gems), or contrasting fabric like leather/pleather for an edge.

manhattan almond rock capital chic patterns

Manhattan is a more than just a pencil skirt thanks to the curved side panel. View A has a sexy, jagged hemline and exposed zip, or View B for a chance to showcase special fabrics in the curved side panel.

Click through to see the final two patterns in the collection Champagne and Cosmopolitan, and make sure to visit all the patterns to see line drawings for the garments, oodles more photos of the variations for each garment… you won’t be disappointed.

So have you spotted someone familiar in these photos?

Bellini almond rock capital chic patterns

Capital Chic is designed by Sally, who you should all know from her fabulous refashion blog Charity Shop Chic. Did you know she’s a self-taught pattern maker and sewer? And if you haven’t guessed her influences include the catwalk, the red carpet and London street style.

I love that Sally has focused her creativity on pattern drafting for the rest of us! It’s really nice to see extra touches like French seams, zip guards and boning included in the patterns and instructions. Plus I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a cocktail (or two) with her in the past. Congratulations Sally!

I can’t wait to sew up the Bellini blouse and share it with you all. So tell me which is your favourite?

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  1. I love the Bellini blouse too! They’re lovely patterns but I’m slightly dismayed that they start at ‘size 10’… I usually have to make the super small sizes so these might take a bit of editing before I can get sewing!

    1. Hi Louise, Sally here from Capital Chic Patterns. Pay no attention to the name given to each size. Have a look at the size chart to see what the smallest size is – it’s here: http://www.capitalchicpatterns.com/pages/size-chart
      No idea what your measurements are, but the sizes run to pretty small. If you’re outside the range, stay tuned to the new Capital Chic blog as I’ll be talking about things including grading in the coming weeks.

      1. thanks Sally! that’s most helpful 🙂

        1. I second that 🙂 Thanks for pointing us in the direction of the sizing Sally. I was thinking it was another pattern launch that would need a whole realm of alterations before it would come close to fitting (and therefore enough to put me off). But I’m pleasantly surprised 🙂 Your sizes are probably close enough for me to consider – along with a few posts on grading 🙂

  2. Amy, you’re a STAR, thank you so much for your support! Bellinis on me when I see you next. I can’t wait to see your finished blouse as well, I know it’s going to be mint! x

  3. stitchedupsam says:

    I think Bellini is my favourite too. I love the little scalloped collar.

  4. I <3 the sweater, great to see another indie pattern maker chasing their dreams

  5. Oh for me ? First of all i love all the patterns Sally came up with! Love Martini but don’t think it suits my shape. Then been swooning over them for about 10 minutes and then dived in and got Champagne, White Russian and Manhattan (which is my favourite of the six).

    I love it so much that I forgot my other 8 WIPs and printed Manhattan and now just need to cut the lining and stitch it up 🙂

  6. I LOVE the Martini, followed closely by the Bellini. But I would wear every single one! So unusual to love a complete collection.

  7. This is so exciting! Charity shop chic is one of my absolute favorite sewing blogs, loving the look of the Bellini!

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