McCall’s 7900

So I needed a cute top. M7900 as a PDF? Nice and quick. In pink and red satin? Sounded perfect. Except I went and decided to hack the neckline into a square rather than jewel shape. That’s where I went wrong.

Oh it looks very cute and I feel amazing wearing it half the time. The square neckline is flattering and the sleeves are long enough to wear in winter without bulking up under a cardigan. There are cute frill sleeve caps in the pattern I almost added but would definitely add next time.

I’m really pleased with this Fabric Godmother ECOVERO™ Satin. The print is Cloud Flower Viscose in Rose Pink. The vintage pink buttons I found in my stash work perfectly. I’ve worn the top with compliments several times.

Okay, here’s the problem. I FLASH EVERYONE unless I safety pin the top to my bra. I can’t wear a camisole underneath because of the deep square neckline. And I don’t have enough cleavage to keep it taut to my body. It’s a loose blouse – it looks nice that way, so I don’t think I’d want it taut even if I could fill it out.

Wearing it out to dinner is hardest. Even with the pins in place, I get so paranoid! What a dilemma…. but it’s too cute not to wear right?

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  1. Carol Thomas says:

    Right! Lovely pop of colour to brighten up the rainy days we keep having. Very cute top.

  2. Martina says:

    Could you make a sort of lingerie strap (like you would on a shoulder), to snap your bra straps to the blouse? It’s too cute not to wear a lot.

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