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Got to be sewing something….

In sewing related news, I have yet to  finish my red polka dot skirt. I had to try finishing by carrying the machine through to the bedroom with a little table to work on while Jimi had his friend’s round for boy’s night but failed.

Beryl loves it!

I have also figured out why my Ikea scribbly dot print dress just doesn’t seem right.

1) The neckline was way too high… hitting my throat high! I’m lowering it with crafty tactics to what you see on the mannequin. Much more flattering!

2) I need a haircut. Can’t look nice in a prim dress if you have scraggly ratty hair.

3) I have a stinking cold. Trying the dress on highlights how pasty and tired I am which is never going to help me like the dress.

So there you have it! THREE legitimate reasons to leave the dress alone in order to like it more.

By the way I’ve got a new addiction… in addition to sewing, I am also now addicted to singing songs where I change the lyrics to be about sewing. I may be turning a little deranged.

Terrible, I know, but super fun! You should try it. Adam and Joe call it “A-pop-riation” (instead of Appropriation) on their radio show, where you sing the menial tasks of the day.

You may remember I posted about changing the Prince song to “Little Red Lace Dress”. Lately I’ve been altering Michael Jackson’s “Got to be starting something” to “Got to be sewing something” as that pretty much is my default state lately.

I’ve also been shouting in the style of Basement Jaxx when things are missing “WHERE’S MY PIN’S AT, AT, AT….”  which is more fun than saying “Where’s your head at”.

And finally singing “Hold me closer tiny serger” when using my baby Singer overlocker. Sure Elton wouldn’t mind.

Oh and I’ve nicknamed the overlocker “Sergei”… Let’s not worry too much about that.

That means my mannequin has a name: Beryl, Sergei the Singer is taken care of, but my machine is yet to be named! Sure I’ll come up with something.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time day dreaming/planning…

She sells sea shells by the sea shore….
Fake lace georgette! Love it
Simple and sweet
Stars in their eyes… Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be B4443!

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  1. This all very good. I saw this because if I told you it was odd, it would make me odd too. Then maybe my Singer 160, Clementine would be embarrassed by me and not want me to sing to the dressform, twiggy in front other anymore. Love the dress, very Sandra Dee!

  2. missiep says:

    ha ha! Sergei the serger. so much win in this post! I have no time to see this month- none! and that will drive me much crazier than sewing! enjoy turning all the yummy fabric into pretty dresses! love the fake lace fabric 🙂

  3. […] I love the full twirly skirt. For those you don’t know, this is Vogue 8723 which I’ve been banging on about here and here. […]

  4. hehe Love the replacing-lyrics-to-be-about sewing thing 🙂 Good work on Vouge 8723 dress! The finished product is super cute. I have been waiting to get my hands on that pattern. I will remember to also alter the uncomfortably high neckline if I ever make it!

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