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Christmas Drawstring Present Sack*


**Insert rude pun here**

I love a good rude pun. I’ve resisted the urge though as I don’t want you to think I’m peddling filth in my blog haha.

Or worse attract the wrong sort of readers from bad Google searches!

(If you want to gossip about any good ones via twitter please get in touch. I have a couple to share already.)

Today I dug out the Christmas present drawstring sack I made for Mr AR last year to size it up for 2012 presents.

I made it before I started blogging. And had way too much fun messing around with felt and glue.

It’s basically a huge pieces of red felt, folded in half, stitched up the sides.

The drawstring casing was made by folding down the top edge and stitching in place and my string is a white shoelace which I knotted at the end to stop it slipping out.

The Santa took a little longer but only because I was obsessing over the placement. I didn’t really use an official template, just drew up some of my own to guide me, you can probably tell right! But I’m pretty happy with it.

It’s a little less than A3 size so can handle quite a few small gifts and only took me an evening to make!

I definitely recommend whipping one up for someone instead of wrapping paper or if like me you want to fill it with smaller wrapped items.

Hope you’re getting in the festive spirit where you are!

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