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Birmingham Blogger Meet Up!

So much has been going on recently that I want to share.

Firstly the lovely Lizzy from Sew Busy Lizzy nominated me for a liebster award.

Here are the Liebster Blog Award Rules

1.  Add the award icon to your blog! Done

2. Link to your nominator to say “thank you” . Thank you Lizzy! You are such good fun to chat with on twitter and of course I love reading your blog too!

3. Nominate 5 blogger with less than 200 followers. It’s very tricky to tell which blogs have less than 200 followers. Or find blogs that haven’t already been nominated! I’ve made a good attempt at finding some new people to list that fit these two criteria.

My nominations:

frk.bustad – http://frkbustad.blogspot.co.uk

Ida – http://hejaida.com

Helen – http://helenssewingadventures.blogspot.co.uk

Mancunian Vintage – http://mancunianvintage.wordpress.com/

Becky – http://alittleonesadventures.blogspot.co.uk/

All lovely people who I am fairly certain meet my two criteria detailed above.

Take a look and maybe follow them!

This week I won a vintage Vogue pattern from Dotty Doodle.

All thanks to her twelve in twelve pattern giveaway!

We’re calling it the Vogue ballerina dress.

It’s like Anna Karenina meets 80s Opera Gown right?!

I also recently finished a polka dot tea dress and a casual blue and black top and I’ll blog about both once I have some photos to include.

And thanks to Mr AR’s creative thinking I got a new cutting table.

Luckily it can be dis-assembled and hidden away when needed.

So I instantly had to think of something to try it out… And promptly started revamping my sofa cushions by making more exciting covers for them.

Finally I need to share about what a lovely time I had in Birmingham on Saturday!

Marie has already posted a round up so I’ll just add a little more here.

Marie and Kat were so lovely to host our meet up.

There were 16 of us out for the day.

I don’t think they expected so many ladies to turn up but they did so well making us feel welcome with name badges and chocs.

Bet it felt like they were herding cats as we all darted around the stalls at Birmingham’s famous rag market.

There were so many lovely ladies to chat to, all with differing levels of experience in sewing, knitting and blogging!

I leaned a lot from them.

After a lovely lunch we engaged in a swap and I was very lucky in leaving with three new patterns.

The main thing I learned about swaps is bring more stuff! I really underestimated what everyone would bring and I shouldn’t have been so precious about my stash.

Got to be tough with yourself if you want to make a good swap!

I went a bit crazy with my fabric shopping but stayed within my maximum budget for the day.

From left to right, top then bottom:

2m confetti print georgette £2.50 / m
2m red polka dot poly / crepe-de-chine wannabe £2.50 / m
3m black and white satin large polka dot £2 / m
2m black and white tiny polka dot rayon £2 / m
3m of black and white small polka dot satin £2 / m
2m of black and white diagonal crosshatch georgette £2.50 / m

Here we all are!

Truly was a wicked time!

Roisin – Dolly Clackett
Alice – Moonbeam
Helen – Sew Stylish
Helen – Helen Made
Rachel – House of Pinheiro
Catherine – Catherine’s Daze Blog
Amy – Almond Rock
Suzy – Suzy Sewing
Mellie – Mellie’s Workroom
Karen – Did You Make That?
Winnie – Scruffy Badger Time
Kat – Krafty Kat

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  1. You all look you had a brilliant day! I love the confetti georgette (I have a soft spot for random dots!).

  2. I seem to remember you saying you were going to try to stay away from polka dots….. I guess that went out of the window hee hee! Oh well, I actually bought the red/white one too!

    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday.

  3. Great to meet you and what a very well formed haul you ended up with!! Will be interested particularly in what you make from the red wannabe crepe de chine polka dots, being a shopping sister!

  4. What a lot of dots!!! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the day, it was lovely to meet you!

  5. Yay, glad you had a good time! It was so lovely to meet you!

  6. It was great to meet you on Saturday. I’m just catching up on your blog!

  7. Brilliant to finally meet you, Amy! I had so much fun nattering with you at lunchtime – looking forward to seeing what you make with all your polka dots! x

  8. It is so fun to read everyone’s round-up post 😉 It was so great to meet you – and thank you for making me feel less geeky :p X

  9. Awww thanks Amy for the Leibster Award 🙂 xx

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