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Happy New Year!

I’ve written this blog post about five times now.

I’m both scared and excited to think about what 2013 will bring and my brain is racing at a mile a minute.

Unavoidable changes are heading my way and I’m trying to figure out how to roll with them.

I’m not going to start waffling on about all of that because it’s been a long day and this is still a sewing blog right?!


Regardless of any drama the new year has brought, I’ve also done a smidgen of sewing!

2013-01-09 21.02.35I eased myself back in slowly. I put an elastic waist in a B5653 strappy floral top UFO that’s been lingering around since Summer.

This Butterick top is sort of a refashion and a muslin.

I salvaged the fabric from an old Topshop dress and wanted to try out the strappy view of the top before investing other fabric in it.

I’m already plotting many more versions of this is.

And I  think it’d look lovely extended into a sundress. Yes yes I know we’re expecting snow this weekend.

2013-01-09 21.09.46

Then I hemmed the striped NL 6808 I started before xmas.

Tweet peeps are sure to be sick of seeing this top. I’ve posted pics of it in every stage of construction.

Check out the bitching stripe matching on it though! On the sides and on the sleeves (this damn near killed me).

I also added an exposed zip to the back.

Yessssssss (smug).

Roisin suggested a tutorial post which I’m eager to supply.

I will not be showing you the insides of this bad boy but will instead draft up something neater for show and tell.

I wore this one today and wasn’t most impressed with how I looked but think that’s just because I’m full of cold at the minute and in my mind I look I have bats nesting in my hair and the pallor of a jaundiced gremlin.

And on that delightful note I shall leave you for now.

I will return shortly with organised thoughts rather than the deranged stream of consciousness I’ve been trying to fight back…


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  1. Check you and your mad skills out! That striped number gets better with every step. Loooove the matched sleeves!

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping that trying it again post cold will make me love it more

  2. I love both these makes – gorgeous colors!

    1. I think I ping pong from monochomatic to super colourful makes 🙂

  3. Love the NL top – that fabric is gorgeous!

    1. Cheers Helen! Bit of brightness for these winter days

  4. So pleased to find your blog via Twitter! Love what you make, especially the stripy top with the exposed zipper! I laughed at your thought bubble, I think us sewers so think like that a lot of the time. Now a happy ‘follower’, Sam xox

    1. Yay thanks Sam. Great learning about your blog too! 🙂 x

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