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The Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate

Well you can all guess where I’ve been today!


Thanks to a facebook competition from Fabrications I won a free ticket to the Knitting and Stitching Show. It was recently in London and Dublin and now in lovely Harrogate for the weekend.

For those who don’t know the show covers knitting and stitching but way way more; felt-making, toy-making, shibori dyeing, jewellery-making, card-making, and mixed media. The HIC who are hosting said they expected around 10,000 people each day!!

I took the day off work as I thought it would be better to go on a weekday; foolishly thinking it should be less busy than a weekend day. Yeesh, if it was “quiet” then I dread to think how busy tomorrow or Sunday will be.

But it was fantastic to see so many people there eager to check out the stalls and exhibits.

Sadly I didn’t get to spot any sewing celebrities like Karen did but I got to see lots of beautiful embroidery, knitting and quilting displays. Most had *NO PHOTOGRAPHY* signs on which was a shame but I got a couple of photos from displays that didn’t.



I also managed to curb my spending as I am technically on financial lockdown while we save for the new house.

I let myself get 1m of this gorgeous slate grey rayon with birdcage print. It feels so soft and delicious.

I also got this cute vintage blouse pattern with neckline variation and an air disappearing fabric marker.


I should TOTALLY have bought this kid’s pattern and am now kicking myself over it. Who cares that I don’t have any children to make this for. Heck I could frame this bad boy to hang in my living room it’s that cool!



I also chatted for a while with the lovely ladies promoting the Yorkshire School of Sewing. Gillian Hargreaves is a former City and Guilds teacher and she has opened up a sewing centre in Roundhay. I got a booklet about her courses and am interested in some of the pattern drafting courses available, the Chanel jacket class and the LBD session with couture techniques.

Again because of financial lockdown, I’ve entered a prize draw for a course of my choice and have put gift vouchers on my xmas list. If neither of those work out I’ll look into treating myself. I don’t think there’s much of a website yet but you can contact Gillian for details.

I saw plenty of cool exhibits. The Quilters Olympics Quilt (see the Synchronised Stitching block above), a man who embroidered whimsical maps of local areas, knitted armour, The Unfinishable project which was a tent made of incomplete garments (I could have contributed a lot to this one) and last but definitely not least a knitted town.

The town was awesome and therefore popular. I got two quick shots of the fire house and a church wedding. There was a farm complete with knitted vegetable patches and farmyard animals, a school, houses, cars, etc.




I definitely recommend going to the show. There are some additional displays on Sunday and I’m sure the stalls won’t have sold out of much before then. It takes much longer to go around the 6 halls than you think so leave yourself plenty of time.

And let me know if you enjoyed it!

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  1. OMG I wonder if we had that costume pattern when I was little…. I distinctly recall running about in those costumes as a kid!!!

  2. Wow! Looks like the show was great fun! I used to live in Birmingham and went to the same/similar show at the NEC. I don’t envy the crowds, but there certainly looks to have been lts of goodies there!

    1. I’m not wohtry to be in the same forum. ROTFL

    2. kasama ba ako sa blogroll mo malen? hehehe…. parang di kaya ng powers ko gawin itetch! i hope maging ma-swerte pa din ang taong 2008 sa akin…nginig!!!Merry lovely Christmas to you dear! :em55:

    3. I find your series work intriguing. The images become symbols when presented in a landscape layout. We want to decipher them as language…thoughts…time…such energy and gesture. It is as if you have absorbed the life force of the painting’s subject and translated it to the page or canvass.

    4. I’ve tried it for a while now. I still think it’s awful to have the titles to the right of the images. Do whatever else you want, but move the titles so that they’re above, please.

    5. “So you wish to be my hireling? Oh, do sit! Sit! What kind of a host am I? Would you like a drink? Perhaps tranya or a fine 1420 Malt?”It suddenly occurs to me that I might want to create some details for luxury food and drink. What is more impressive, a bottle of wine or a decanter of 1645 Khefret Siaz; fruit, or fine dates from the southern hills of Al Misra?

  3. I’m going tomorrow early doors – CANNOT WAIT!


  4. Hi Amy
    I just got back from a weekend in Harrogate and visited the show too. Stocked up on some cosy wool’s – far better for the knitter than sewer (unless patchwork is your thing) but did get some vintage French lace trims which are beautiful. Absolutely exhausted and overspent – crowds not too bad – when on a Saturday last year and couldn’t move.

  5. Wow, that birdcage print is GORGEOUS! I think you still scored, despite leaving the kid’s costume pattern behind.

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