The Giddy Up Dress

Yeeehaw! I’m back with another finished make.

It’s not as all singing and dancing as the last dress but please don’t hold that against me.

almond rock horses ballet dress dixie diy

This is actually a dress I made last year but for some reason never got round to blogging about it!

The pattern is the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress. Super simple and easy to sew knit-dress. It has three-quarter length sleeves, scoop neck and semi-circle skirt. Available as a PDF for instant download (cue lots of printing, cutting and gluing).

almond rock horses ballet dress dixie diy

Hmmmm you might say, this pattern looks mightily similar to the Kitschycoo Lady Skater pattern. Well I thought that too. Didn’t seem to be that much in it so I pretty much just took a gamble on the Dixie version.

almond rock horses ballet dress dixie diy

I used this brilliant jersey knit with horse print that I bought when I saw a fellow blogger’s (sadly she’s stopped blogging) day-to-night dress. It’s from the incomparable Fabricland. If you haven’t looked at that site, brave yourself before you click through. WOOOEEEEE!

almond rock horses ballet dress dixie diyHere are a few more details: I constructed this on my Toyota machine using a zigzag stitch and finished the seams on my old babylock (told you it was made a while ago). I then turned all my hems under and stitched to finish them.

I like wearing it with a belt so you can’t see all the misshapen half horses at the waist seam. The waist is just a little high on me but I am pretty short-waisted so wonder how it might sit on regular people.

almond rock horses ballet dress dixie diy

 I wasn’t keen on the shape of this dress for a long time but it’s just so bloody comfy and warm to wear. I’m sure I’ll be making another one soon!

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  1. Swirlyicing says:

    Oh those crazy horses! Lovely

    1. almondrock says:

      Heehee thanks mum

  2. So pretty! I love the shape of the neckline.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks so much! It’s modest enough for me but still nice and open

  3. ficklesense says:

    so cute! Love it! Looks bloody comfy:)

    1. almondrock says:

      Thabks! It IS bloody comfy heehee!

  4. Can’t for the life of me work out why you wouldn’t like the shape of this dress; it looks fab on you! And those horses, wowzers. Top skills all round imho.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks very much! It was just a bit clingy at the waist (still is) but I’m over that now haha

  5. So glad you got round to blogging this one.

    At least the Fabricland shops aren’t quite the sensory assault that the website is!

    1. almondrock says:

      Haha I would love to go and meet the staff. They seem so normal on the phone. Direct opposite to the website!

  6. That does look comfy. I have just finished my prototype for a pair of jeans – eeeek!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you, it totally is! Ooooh jeans!! I have an unfinished pair to get back to after I’ve lost some weight. Can’t wait to see

  7. I really love the style of this dress (but Dixie’s is too small for me so I had to buy the lady skater {that I’m not sure is going to fit either}). Love the print (and I LOVED your last make too)! So much love!

    1. almondrock says:

      Awww thanks! Can’t wait to see your lady skater. You have excellent taste in prints so bet it’ll be rad

  8. Whoa!!! (See what I did there?!) Love the dress and do I spy the new back garden for modelling? Nice!

    1. almondrock says:

      Hahah you’re a cheeky one. That k you and yes this is our new garden. It’s getting a makeover in two weeks so expect to see more

  9. Nice job, I love the print!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks so much! This print makes me so happy!

  10. I haven’t decided between the lady skater or the ballet dress yet- this one looks lovely on you! I might be swayed by this:)

    1. almondrock says:

      I don’t think there is much in it other than one might have clearer pattern instructions. Either way I think you’ll be onto a winner!

  11. Oh this is lovely and really suits you. I think I’m going to have to buy this pattern when I get brave enough to sew knits.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! It took me a while to step up to knits but they’re not actually that bad when you get into it! 🙂

  12. It was really lovely to meet you yesterday at SewBrum! I thought I recognised that dress 😉

    1. almondrock says:

      Thought it might help people remember me! Heehee. Lovely to meet you too

  13. Such a fun make. Love the fabric and the neckline is great, I think it’s super flattering! x

    1. almondrock says:

      You are too kind 🙂

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