Sew Bossy! An Adventure With A Wax Print Dress

Hello hello!

This weekend was a real fun one. I went to the SewBrum meetup. There were lots of familiar faces and nice new ones to meet and chat with. I shopped up a storm getting some right bargains. They’re all washing as I type, and my brain is cooking up sewing plans for them.

But the real reason I’m posting today is my Sew Bossy dress!

almond rock sew bossy what katie sews wax print lea dress

I partnered up with Katie of What Katie Sews so head over to the blog to see what I sent her.

Katie sent me this gorgeous wax print fabric. It reminds me of sweets and also croissants (sort of) which makes me happy. I also got the Léa dress pattern from Jolie Marie Louise.

It’s a really cute woven dress with a heart-shaped neckline, front button closing, a back vent and front pockets. Princess seams help create an hourglass silhouette, even with my limited curves.

Plus it’s just like a H&M dress I used to have that I wore to death, so yay for second chances.

almond rock sew bossy what katie sews wax print lea dress

All this gave me a rocking ride with print matching! How do you think I did?

almond rock sew bossy what katie sews wax print lea dress

I’m pretty happy with the entire front, the back princess seams and the waist seam. Only the centre back and the side seams didn’t pan out as I hoped, but you can’t have everything right?!

almond rock sew bossy what katie sews wax print lea dress

Sewing with wax print was interesting; it’s got a nice stiffness that worked well for this dress. I had to make sure I didn’t melt the wax with too high an iron!

I overlocked all my insides so the dress is neat and snappy. I used pink for binding the armholes and blue for the pocket linings, plus black buttons. It’s fun to have a colour scheme.

almond rock sew bossy what katie sews wax print lea dress

So there you have it! I’ll definitely be making this dress again. Maybe in a pretty jewel coloured cotton sateen as a party dress. What do you think?

Thanks Katie for Bossing me about so well! Heehee.

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  1. Gah- I adore the pink binding! It makes this really pop 😀 This is super cute and the front and back pattern matching looks fine- I hadn’t noticed at all!

  2. Great fabric and the shape of this dress looks great on you. I can only imagine how hard it would be to match patterns all over the dress – I think you’ve done a tops job.

  3. The fabric made me think of croissants as soon as I saw it too, it’s fab and looks great on you. I’m seriously impressed with your pattern matching. The fabric you sent Katie for her make it brilliant too. Can I ask where you got it as it’d just what I’ve been looking for for a dress for my nan (she loves monochrome).

  4. I definitely see the croissants in that print too! It looks great – you did a really good job on the print matching. Definitely like the sound of a jewel coloured version!

  5. What a great fit, as a knitter and crocheter, I just want to whip up a bolero style cardigan for you so that you can wear it through Autumn!! Jo x

    1. You are too sweet. I wish I could crochet better. I’m still working on learning granny squares. My tension is atrocious!

  6. Cute! Amazing job with the pattern matching. I’ve just bought this pattern and am happy to see someone else making a cool version of it!

  7. This is great. When this pattern first came out I couldn’t see how the design lines worked. Your version is great and I can see the detail now. Lovely! I really like that neckline

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