I’ve never seen an animal that looks like that!

Ahoy there! Happy Jungle January

almond rock jungle january jersey dress


I’m not sure this qualifies for Jungle January because I’ve seriously never seen an animal that looks like that.

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

I got this jersey fabric from the Regency Rags ebay store, but it did have a tag of “animal print” on it.

I love RR. I’ve bought loads from them since Sarah got me onto them so expect to see their name a bit more going forward. They have so much lush viscose and crepe plus great printed jersey!

The dress is another dixie diy ballet dress (yes sorry I’ll stop soon) with a circle skirt added (cos circle skirts are dah bomb and aint too bad to hem in knit).

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

Add a couple of midi-sleeves and easy peasy it’s a new dress!

If you can name the animal that this looks like you’ll impress me massively.

I wore the dress to my Dad’s 60th birthday party. This was actually the party two of three because my Dad is like a party king. When I get to 60 I might follow his lead and have a month of parties too.

almond rock jungle january jersey dressI went over on Friday to help set up but my parents had already done a lot of work. I helped make enough sandwiches to feed an army.

Mum made an epic spread: four types of sandwiches, choux filled with salmon and mackerel mousse, prawns on toast, Victoria sponges with strawberry cream, chocolate ganache cakes, chocolate chip brownies, fruit cake with cheese, crisps, lemon syllabub, plus I brought fruit scones and a family friend made a carrot cake.

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

Add to that 12 bottles of bubbly and about 50 house guests and we were in business!

I’ve got to show you the Birthday cake as well. I might have mentioned my Mum makes cakes for a living.

Here are my dad’s four favourite things in one photo: 1) Golf, 2) Fishing, 3) Hull Tigers football club and 4) CAKE.

almond rock jungle january jersey dress

It really was a brilliant day. My Dad was so sweet to wear the shirt I made him to the party. And I got to catch up with lots of people!

My Dad’s actual birthday is this week so hopefully he’ll like the present I got him. No handmade shirt this time.

I’ll be back soon with my finished Sew Over It pussy bow blouse!

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  1. That is some spread, looks so tasty! I love all your lady skater dresses and I can definitely see this fabric as animal-like but just not sure what animal!

    1. Ooh yeah that makes me look a kind of badass snake print wearing biker thug. I like it. In reality I’m like a wimpy field mouse heheh. Mum’s a cake magician, it’s always made for good birthdays!

  2. These photos… It looks SO delicious, now I’m hungry. What a great spread! 🙂
    And your dress is stunning! The shape is perfect on you and the fabric is just incredibly amazing!! 🙂 Good job. I love it!

    1. Thank you! It was so tasty. I was hoping for leftovers but most of it was eaten! I love this shape of dress and so comfy

  3. Agreed, that food looks yummy! I think it’s a snake print or some kind of black and white close up of a butterfly wing, repeated lots haha. I wonder how the fabric designer comes up with it?

  4. Ohhh! A mystery animal! I wonder what it could be? And what a lovely spread- it makes me hungry just looking at it!

  5. Happy birthday Amy’s dad! (And what a talented mum you have!)
    I think your dress looks a bit like snake/reptile skin so, yeah, qualifies for JJ

  6. There must be a butterfly with this pattern on – there are so many! I bought some fabric from Regency rags a few months ago and was amazed how decent it was for so cheap. I’ve been trying to work out if they have an actual shop in Cheltenham or not too…

    1. Butterfly is a great shout. Or a moody moth! It’s a great shop. I’ve got loads lately. It’d be brilliant if they had an actual shop because I only wish they’d show the scale of the prints in their photos.

  7. I love the dress, you look beautiful. But your mom sounds like an incredible cook. Would she share her recipes? My husband is going to be 60 this year!!!

      1. Thanks! Tell your mother my husband is going to be 60 this year! He is a wonderful man and I’d love to surprise him with something nice. (Your father is lucky: talented wife, talented daughter.)

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