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Careless cutting – NL 6808 take 2


Oh yes I was smug. I had “conquered” New Look 6808.

I was dancing around the living room in my finished top and thought hell yeah I’m gonna make another!!

I decided to up the fun factor. Thick blue plaid with 3/4 sleeves so it’d be super warm and snuggly!

I whizzed through it. And I lined up my plaid pretty well I thought… bust darts excluded obviously. More delicious smugness.


I was even deliberating adding an exposed metal zipper for extra cool factor. Oh yes I’m that cool ladies…

Then it came to the sleeves:
Attempt 1 – went mental and forgot the direction of my plaid. Ended up with them in a blatantly different direction to the rest of top.

Attempt 2 – correct plaid direction.  Waaaay too much ease.

Attempt 3 – used tips from Casey and Green Apples on reducing ease from sleeves. Reduced too much and couldn’t lift arms/get top off again/thought it wanted me dead.

Attempt 4 – cap sleeves a la version 1. Tried to remove less ease than previous attempt. Still removed too much. Again the top tried to choke me to death but with less vigour this time.

Attempt 5- oh wait I’m out of plaid!! So I resigned myself to having a sleeveless top. Rather than buy more just to mess around with sleeves.

So I started snipping the frayed edges down to apply bias tape (of course they were frayed after all this sewing and unpicking) and had some kind of deranged spasm!

I snipped right into the top! Right in there, nice and big and unrepairable. Oh and did I mention I’m out of plaid!?


Pffftt…. crapzola.

So my top just earned itself a nice place in the bin. At least now I can move on to something else.

Hello Polka Dot Truffle party dress! I’ve left you alone for too long.

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  1. Love it, crapzola is being added to my vocabulary! I love the dancing and strangulation descriptions; maybe you just got the fatal blow in first… It had made several attempts, so really it was Freudian self defence?! Ah, I’m pushing it a bit there, me thinks. Polkadot party dress of the Truffle persuasion sounds amazing!

  2. NOOOOO! That is such a sassy top!!! I’m focusing on your rad plaid matching skills- they are epic!

  3. Argh! I guess we’ve all done it at some point though. I chopped a hole in the lining of a sheath dress that had taken forever to make. Onwards and upwards!

    1. exactly. onwards and upwards!! 🙂

  4. Oh Dear. I think at some point we’ve all done this followed by a round of expletives. Have you considered an invisible mend it’s.such a shame to waste all your effort.(www.videojug.com/film/how-to-mend-holes-in-clothes) shows how to mend holes but I used Bondaweb and bit of matching fabric with some success!

    1. Oh mellie maybe I should give it a second chance with this kind of fix. Its worked on other clothes. I just worry with it being right by the armhole it’s gonna rip every time I put it on. Worth a try I guess

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