Sweet Dreams of Paris

I’ve mentioned a few times my longing to go to Paris.

In fact I’ve only been to France once, aged 15 for a kayaking holiday which wasn’t exactly a cultural delight. It was mostly shrieking teenagers and French men in speedos.

It has to happen one day. Right?

almond rock atelier brunette Eiffel Tower vogue 1102

But until then I can settle for bulk ordering fabric from Anna Ka Bazaar.

I ordered this beautiful Atelier Brunette Eiffel Tower print along with some geometric polyester earlier this year.

Postage was a smidge higher than I would like but I talked myself into it. You also get a 10% discount code by joining the newsletter. It arrived a lot quicker than the estimated time.

almond rock atelier brunette Eiffel Tower vogue 1102

Even though the weather isnt cooperating I decided to dig out the Vogue 1102 pattern from the John Lewis sewing bee day. It was such a wonderful surprise when the bodice almost fit me out the envelope (that never happens to me) and I much prefer single waist darts over bust and waist darts when you have a printed fabric. I’ve paired it with a gathered skirt instead of a circle this time.

I altered the back bodice and made a new facing using the Simple Sew Ruby dress back pieces as a guide and thankfully it worked first time without any gaping. There are some small diagonal drag lines but I didn’t get those on my muslin so what’s a girl to do!?

almond rock atelier brunette Eiffel Tower vogue 1102

Unlike my JL daisy chain dress I used the facings AND I lined the whole thing. The idea came from Marrie B actually. And it meant I got to use a ludicrous teal viscose lining without risking unwanted peeking.

(Gotta brag, that viscose was an absolute steal. Samuel Taylors had a remnant bin half price sale. 1.5m for £3 down to £1.50. Yeehaw! I have loads more to share from that sale.)

almond rock atelier brunette Eiffel Tower vogue 1102

I’m not sure it’s a very flattering colour on me but I dont really care since the print is fun. Since taking these photos I’ve been wearing the dress with a belt which looks better. It’s had a fair few outings and know it will be regularly worn next year!

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  1. I think this colour is really pretty on you, too – and I think you could make it a bit warmer by wearing it with a red cardigan. I keep dithering on whether or not to buy this fabric, and this lovely dress has given me another reason to want it!

    1. Thank you! I love it with red shoes and a red cardi! I say go for it, the little bunting will make ypu smile every time you look down 🙂

  2. If I lived in the UK I’d be over in Paris ALL the time eating ALL their cheese! It’s a great city…le sigh.

    I love your dress. The pattern is quite subtle and really pretty.

  3. GIRL. If I lived in London I’d be chunneling to Paris WAY more than should be allowed! Go! Go now!! 😀

    This is so cute on you! I’m so jealous of the Atelier Brunette prints… they’re all so sweet!

  4. Aimes- you look like you should be sashaying down a Parisian street- get ye to the magic fast train STAT! And then drink all the wine and eat all the cheese for me 😉

  5. Super cute! I saw this fabric when I was in Paris earlier in the year and dilemma-ed about buying it. The colour dissuaded me, too grey with my colouring, I think it works for you though and would also be easily brightened with a blue, green or red cardi. Love the back on this dress too, I will have to dig out that pattern, I know I have it somewhere!
    PS – next time I am in Paris, you should totally come join me!!

    1. Thank you! If only thw background were a touch more blue it would be perfect.
      I would love to join you in Paris. You could be my very knowledgeable tour guide 🙂

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