Daisy Chains and Ribbon Ties

Ooh this is so exciting! I’m able to show you the finished dress from the John Lewis sewing bee that I talked about in my last post.

So let’s recap, on the day I picked a beautiful fabric called “Daisy Chain” which has yellow, white and blue daisies and white tulips in garlands.

almond rock john lewis daisy chain

And this AKO for Vogue pattern which has cuckoo cover art but very nice line drawings. I don’t understand why this woman looks so angry!? Maybe she doesn’t like that loopy hair do? I like her shoes though, mega cute.

almond rock john lewis daisy chain V1102

Anyway! The weirdness about this dress is that it has a lined bodice but also has pattern pieces for interfacing facings. Now I would never bother to interface along the neckline of my lining only. I’d either use a facing or a lining. Not both!

Lisa, Freia, Charlie and I all sort of shook our heads over this. I made an executive decision to turn the interfacing pieces into proper facings and not line my bodice.

So here it is!

almond rock john lewis daisy chain

Can you believe I had coordinating yellow sandals?

Not sure where the sunshine has gone!

2014-06-05 19.00a

Come on then, let’s have a look at the back!

almond rock john lewis daisy chain V1102

I used a lovely butter coloured zip with a cute pull tab, and turquoise satin ribbon bow. Not seen is my satin butter yellow bias that I used to hem this epic circle skirt! By the way I took quite a bit off the length of the skirt as I’m only 5ft 5 and it was entering midi-dress territory.

I switched out the fabric bow for a few reasons: 1) the original bow was hemmed (not fully lined for some odd reason), 2) it was humongous, 3) this ribbon perfectly matched the turquoise in the flowers!

On a separate note, it’s very odd to see a photo of your exposed back. I love how it dips though.

almond rock john lewis daisy chain V1102

I think for modesty’s sake I’ll generally be wearing this beauty with a cardigan. But it’ll be great fun when I slip it off and give everyone a surprise with the bow.

almond rock john lewis daisy chain V1102

almond rock john lewis daisy chain V1102

I’m so thankful for the chance to make this pretty little number. I don’t want to take it off!!

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  1. Hehe, I just uploaded my post and then saw that you’re already showing off yours! I love it! It turned out great. The satin bow is such a clever idea. I had some serious troubles with mine! Lining the bow made it quite heavy and hard to tie. In the end I decided to fold it and hand stitch it in place so that it looks tyed. The matching sandals are lovely!

    1. Thanks! I love yours too, such a great colour on you. The satin bow gets a little ticklish when the wind blows but is so pretty

  2. Cute! I think the reason they have both is so you get the lining in case your fabric needs it, but the facing is there so you don’t get any flashes of your lining to the outside world, in case you care about that.

    1. Aah no you see that would make sense but it wasn’t that. It was literally just a pattern piece to cut sew in interfacing, not any fabric. SOOOO ODD. hehehe.

  3. Ack, you look pretty as a picture Amy! I’ve long admired this pattern for its simple elegance and sexy back detail…but a lady of my *ahem* proportions just cannpt get away with not wearing a bra :o(

    1. Ahhh. Maybe you would prefer the project runway dress I have which has a deep v back with stripes running across it. One of them cleverly hides your bra strap!

  4. This is so cute!!! The back is so unusual! I used to hate facings, but lately I’ve been much more into them. They are great when you’re using fabric that’s not super stable. Sometimes when you line to the edge, your neckline can get kind of messy over time, so when I want the stability of a facing but the finish of a lining, I don’t mind doing both. Maybe that’s what Vogue was thinking?

    1. I agree. It’s funny how you can totally switch to preferring one over the other, I think the same applies to zip styles, you can suddenly start preferring one. I’m on a major invisible zipper kick lately

    1. Hehe thank you! I hope for a lovely summer either way! Hope you (and the cats) are enjoying your new garden

  5. Aw, this is so pretty! I actually want to buy this pattern now I’ve seen it on you. Although the one woman on the envelope has a right face on her, doesn’t she?

  6. This is so beautiful! The colours look amazing on you and the fit looks perfect! I love that unexpected back with the pop of turquoise too. I can see this taking you from office to cocktails so easily!

    1. Yes! I tried it on without the bow and it mostly stayed up without problem. Just if you were say carrying something, they might slip off

  7. It’s so pretty! It’s the kind of dress that I love in theory, but I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough for the low back. Maybe I should give it a try to see!

  8. Lovely dress! And I like the fact that you used a satin ribbon and are now able to wear a cardigan over it (I am always cold, so I think that’s important ;)).

  9. Amy this turned out amazing! I love your decision to replace the bow with a ribbon and that’s such a perfect colour to bring out in the fabric. It’s such a ‘you’ print too! It was so fun sewing with you for a day!

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