Spring florals (Part 1)

Hullo everyone! I’ve just gotten back from a few days away and am really happy to have a new dress to share with you, which I finished just before I left.

I’m going a bit nutty for super big floral dresses right now. Be warned for my next few posts.
I’ve just finished my second and will soon be starting a third.
Here is my first though.

almond rock simplicity 1880

These beautiful blooms are from Textile Express… I posted a pic on instagram of my fabric sample and it inspired Vicki Kate to purchase some too.

almond rock simplicity 1880

It’s one of their lovely cotton lawns from Japan. You remember my aeroplane fabric from this shop right? Very high quality prints with lovely drape. Check out the rest of their cotton lawn, I dare you.

So back to me larking about in the park.

*DANGER: Lots of pointy elbows coming up!*

almond rock simplicity 1880

This is Simplicity 1880 which the lovely folk at Simplicity sent to me for review quite some time ago. I made a shirt version but now have finally made the shirtdress!

almond rock simplicity 1880

The pattern calls for buttons only on the bodice but after making this up I kept getting distracted by the lack of button continuation. Am I the only one?

So I hacked my skirt up the front, added a placket and more lovely pearly buttons. Heehee I love breaking the rules and ignoring instructions!

almond rock simplicity 1880

I do love the notch collar; it’s so classic. And I worked hard to make the print look pretty on the collar, see the hydrangea peeping through? That’s my favourite bit.

almond rock simplicity 1880

Other pattern alterations included adding a skirt lining and omitting the waist pleats for gathers (both without any major issues). I’m very tempted to make a matching belt to cinch the dress it in a little further. I also made bias-binding for the armholes and used the back facing from the wrap dress variation as Sunni suggests here in her 1880 sewalong.

I hope you like it! Who else has made this one? Add a link in the comments in case I’ve not stalked yours before now.

Well I think that’s quite enough of my razor sharp elbows for now. Toodle pip!

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    1. Thank you! I’m very picky about what I consider a “good” floral. I think I lucked out with this one

  1. Totally adorable on you!!
    I have just finished this pattern over the weekend, but it looks completely different from yours. Mine is much more blousey (is that a word). My waist darts look quite different than yours, puffier, but mine are only pleated. Did you sew yours down?
    Anyway, your dress looks fabulous!!

    1. Oooh can’t wait to see yours. I think because on mine I used small gathers all over the front rather than just at the point where the pleats were supposed to go it made a difference to the look.

  2. Gorgeous – I love that fabric, and I know exactly what you mean about buttons extending all the way down! I’m always torn in that department, but it usually looks so much nicer with a full button closure!

  3. Beyootiful! This is gorgeous! My length is being hoarded for the time being as hail and thunder doesn’t inspire summer dresses! It will become a floral Flora at some point though!

    1. Ahhh a lovely flora. I can just picture it. I can also picture delicious sunshine. Hopefully both aren’t too far off

  4. It looks great! Florals are fab! I love the aeroplane fabric – I still haven’t got round to making anything with my orange version but sometimes I just take it out to stroke…

    1. Oooh I wouldn’t rule it out! There’s a really descriptive sewalong for this pattern on sunni’s blog that I linked to above. Do you have anyone local to act as sewing support?

    1. Wahoo!! Thanks. There’s some crossover with abakhans but tex exp do free samples and very fast shipping

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