Spring Florals (Part 2)

This is my favourite Minerva make to date! (I know I said that about the last one).
It all came together perfectly – a lovely pattern, this delicious viscose and a weekend of uninterrupted sewing!

almondrock butterick 6582

I won’t lie; it wasn’t plain sailing getting started. I had to make three toiles of the bodice for Butterick 6582 to account for my tiny shoulders, hollow chest, short stature and slightly padded tummy. But I cracked it and started to get really excited about how this was going to turn out.

almondrock butterick 6582

For one the fabric has a beautiful print. Also using viscose gives a swish and drama to the skirt and creates softer gathering at the shoulders. The fabric cut and sewed perfectly and never once tried to slink off my sewing table mid-construction. I do think this pattern would look as good in a more structured fabric so don’t rule it out if you’re not keen on viscose.

almondrock butterick 6582

While I’m not sure the instructions provide the simplest way to construct the bodice (I’m always suspicious when they involve slipstitching even if it’s just for a tiny amount), the overall process and snappy-looking facing does create a nice clean finish inside and out.

almondrock butterick 6582

Here are some vital statistics: I used a fine needle and standard black thread. And as ever, I hemmed by machine as I’m not one for sitting quietly and hand-sewing when there’s a chance to get a dress done quicker! The kit contains a lovely lightweight interfacing which is just right for this viscose; pairing the right weight interfacing with the right fabric is something I’m really keen on. You also get the pattern included and 2.5m of fabric to cater for the full skirted option on the envelope (plus a black invisible zipper).

almondrock butterick 6582

Finally, this isn’t in my kit but might be something you’re interested in. I made a little belt to go with my dress using an old belt buckle I had and a rivet making set. It’s relatively simple to do if you can handle a bit of math! I’ll be talking a bit more about how I did this over on my blog in a few days.

almondrock butterick 6582

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  1. I made this pattern four years old for a Wedding where I was giving a reading… so needed a posh frock!
    I found the neckline really high so free styled it and added straps and a shaped neckline. Great to see someone tackling the pattern too.
    Agree bodice was a faff.

  2. Amy your dress looks beautiful! I’m tempted to buy the kit except for the fact that I have no waist at the moment! I really like the high neckline, it looks very elegant.

    1. Awww you are so sweet. I think it would really suit you. Maybe something to queue up after your current “project” heehee.

    1. Thanks! I must finish that post and put it up. I actually wore this dress to a wedding last night 🙂

  3. I love it! viscose is so lovely to wear and the matching belt is a really cute addition (I have a thing for matching belts!) I have had this pattern in my stash, and this is just the inspiration I need to get sewing! 🙂

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