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Sew grateful week – Winner!

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I wanted to join in with Sew Grateful week but talked myself out of it.

What a total lemon right?!

OF COURSE I’m grateful for the awesome sewing community that spurs me on, celebrates with me, kicks me in the butt when I’m slacking and offers wonderful advice and support, all with such good humour and friendliness.

That goes without saying.

So I probably shouldn’t have entered some of the amazing giveaways being hosted since I chickened out myself.

But I did cos I’m a cheeky madam like that.  Hahah.

And oooh my gawd. I won the most amazing and probably the most difficult pattern I will ever work on. The Anise jacket by Colette Patterns!!


Humongous thanks go to Sonja of Ginger Makes for this awesome prize. I’m sure you all read her blog; she’s the girl with the mile wide smile and one of the elite Mood Sewing Network (pretty much making her a sewing super hero).

In other blog news the sweet petite Stephanie fom Love-Teach-Sew nominated me for two awards that seem to have been merged into one: The Lovely Blog award and The Inspiring Blogger Award.


Since the awards were married these have become the new rules:

1) Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you.  2) Share seven things about yourself.  3) Nominate ten other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know. Easy!

1. Love-Teach-Sew is a super new little poppet of a blog, created just this year! Stephanie is so excited to sew in a country where sewing classes and textbooks are hard to come by. It’s pretty awesome to be that determined to sew. Thanks Stephanie!

2. Hmm what fantastic facts can I dazzle you with.

  • I’m a huge James Bond fan and I wrote my Degree dissertation on the gender relationships in Ian Fleming’s 007 novels. I could go on for hours about this. I’ve edited this comment back down twice.
  • I’ve been a vegetarian since age 14. Primarily because I don’t like the taste, texture, look or smell of meat. Learning about the treatment of animals has also certainly affected me. Plus vegetables are so damn scummy, why bother with meat!?
  • I am currently on financial lockdown while saving for a new home. I am being very good about fabric shopping. If I ever start to wobble into excessive spending I think about how I’m going to decorate my new sewing room. Mmm….
  • I have a younger brother who everyone thinks should be a model (Pffft…! He’s getting a big head) but is actually a talented trainee architect. I call him Little Fro instead of little bro because of his curly mop top. 
  • I write most of my posts on my smartphone wordpress app during my ludicrously long commute. Like this one. Hello Mr Conductor.
  • I dream about Tim Gunn and Stephen Fry marrying and adopting me. Think of all that sewing and general knowledge plus comedic brilliance!!
  • Last but not least I ate my Shrove Tuesday pancakes with strawberries and chocolate. Hey, no one said these couldn’t be topical!

3. For my ten foxy bloggers I tried my best to find blogs on my Google Reader who don’t already have this award and so I hope they’d appreciate it:

All this lovely community spirit has got my sewing engine revved up. What have I been doing being sick and pathetic and unable to sew?!

I need to get cracking.

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  1. Awww girl, so glad you’re excited! Can’t wait to see your jacket! I promise it’s not all that hard… just time-consuming! How do you feel about Daniel Craig’s Bond? My vote is that he’s the all-time greatest shirtless Bond. 😀

    1. I do like Craig, but didn’t like Quantum of Solace. I still think Connery’s chest rug is my fave though hehe

      1. Fair enough! I didn’t really like Quantum of Solace, either, but I loved Skyfall.

  2. Ooooo thanks Amy. Now to think off facts hmmmm….

  3. You are so sweet! You know what the ‘downside’ is of doing everything sewing related in English? I can’t explain to my mom what I’m doing since I don’t know how that stuff is called in Dutch 🙂 When sewing, I talk to myself in English 🙂 Which in my mind is pretty neat, since English is my heart’s tongue, instead of my mother tongue (does this make sense at all?)

    – I love James Bond, just not a fan of Daniel Craig (Bond is not blond in my mind)
    – If Tim Gunn and Stephen Fry do get married and adopt you, could you tell them to adopt me too? Pretty please!
    – I should be on financial lockdown as well, as we’re planning to build a house (already dreaming about the perfect sewing room) but so far, it’s not going so well. I blame my mother who keeps dragging me to fabric stores (like that is so bad)
    – I do not know what shrove Tuesday is but those pancakes sound delicious! I’m going to make me some for lunch now!

  4. Congratulations on your award and for winning Sonja’s giveaway! Lucky You! I have just discovered your blog now, so am going to follow it, very excited! Looking forward to seeing more of what you make. 🙂

  5. Well jel of your win! Thanks for the nomination lady, loves ya xx

  6. Thanks for the award!! it’s so nice of you!!!

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