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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a UFO!!

“Oh… hey, remember this dress?”

Little Green UFO

“Yeah! Wasn’t that the dress you finished month’s ago Amy?

“Kind of. It was the one I rushed through like a demon just to get done only to see it start fraying before I’d even hemmed it.”


“Yeah but all is well now…. cos I unpicked it all and used Sergei the serger to redo all the seams and stop the fraying.”

“Woooohoooo! Bitchin.”

“You knows it.”*

*Disclaimer…. this is only how I talk to myself in my head. Not in the office. Well not often.

Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!! (*smug*)

I LOVE this dress. Thank goodness I repaired it and didn’t cast it forever into the scrap pile.

One teeny downside is the fact it blew up round my ears when a big gust of wind struck up and I flashed an older male colleague who was walking behind me up the hill to work.

Ahem. I gotta ask…

Is it worse to flash your rear or your front?

I’m thinking my rear as at least I didn’t see his face as I flashed him. Basically I didn’t dare turn around hehehe.

Oh well it has a lovely swishy skirt and is such a bright colour. Still a thumbs up from me!

Other things to blog / brag about is how pleased I am that I figured out sewing zip-up pouches. ย Please don’t roll your eyes and say “they’re sooo easy”. I was really struggling for a while.

I used Sew Kate Sew’s fab post. She spells it out so simply! I made myself a new make up bag.

Dotty goodness
Everything neatly fits inside

Totally recommend you try this too! I’m going to make plenty more.

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  1. Skeptical Question says:

    frigging adorable

    1. Aww thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bitchin’ sums it right up! Love it. Back flash not as bad, if I don’t see it, I can remain in denial.

    1. Exactly. Like it didn’t even happen. (wink)

  3. Louise says:

    Ooooh, I’m gonna make me some zip pouches too! Make-up, pens, cake decorating bits and bobs… I foresee many uses! Loving the polka dots btw. And the dress of course, but I already told you that with my mouth.

  4. I have just linked you into my blog after inspiring me to have a go at some clothes making…hope you on’t mind!

  5. Great dress and make-up bag crafting! Love the print of both, look forward to seeing what else you make ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks! (I don’t only sew green things by the way, plenty of colour round these parts)

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