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Cheers Dad. And a review of V8723

Little Fro graduates for the first time. Second time soon to follow

I’ve been a bad daughter. I’ve failed to say thank you to my Dad! Given what his Sunday mornings now entail he’s holding up admirably.

Here he is at my Brother’s graduation looking dapper in a suit. I won’t bother pointing out which one is Mum.

It SHOULD be obvious. She’s also looking glam.

Dad does like car booting  a lot. He wouldn’t call it “thrifting”. He’s not after “vintage” items. To him it’s bargain hunting and a good morning walk. And now he’s a man with a mission to find sewing bargains!

He doesn’t really know what everything is used for, not like Mum who knows her way around a sewing machine, but he’s been paying attention and it’s paid off.

Dad assisted with the biggest and best haul of sewing gear from the car boot yet!

This pic reminds me a little of Dita von Teese

I won’t detail all the items I got as I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it but one highlight was 2 x 20m reels of boning. One black, one white. Both marked up with price stickers reading £13.50….. negotiated down to under a fiver! Awesome.

I’ve got my eye on this little beauty — Vogue 1174. Have I gone crazy? Is this a big jump in my skills?

Probably but hell, I’ve got to learn right!? Unless someone can suggest something a bit more in my skill zone?

mmm cake

Now onto dress news!

I wore my Ikea scribbly print dress to work and then to the supermarket today. I felt a little  overdressed but think that was just me being silly. Here I am larking about in the baking aisle.

I added blue ribbon piping on the top front panel to create more contrast with my pasty skin and added a mustard-coloured zipper for fun in the back. I finished off the hem with blue top stitching in the same shade as the ribbon and dark blue scribbles!

I love the full twirly skirt. For those you don’t know, this is Vogue 8723 which I’ve been banging on about here and here.

I wore it with silver ballet flats, a purple cardigan and my awesome turquoise ring that I got in Spain a few years ago for  €2!

“Very easy”…. what a floozy


The envelope boldly bragged “I’m soooo very easy”.... cheap hussy.

I guess it would have been if I hadn’t made such a pigs ear of it. I cut a cup size A bust but let out the waist a little from my standard 12 size. I seem to have been eating plenty of cake lately.


I picked a super slippy lining fabric and didn’t really think about making the adjustment to the top front until quite late. As previously mentioned the top front came up to my larynx! Eeek!


But I do like the general dress shape and the full skirt. And every girl loves a dress with pockets. I like how these are hidden between the lining and the shell fabric. So few patterns encourage you to line the skirt and this really helped with the full bell shape of the skirt.

Would I make it again? And what would you do differently?

I’d use a darker colour. I knew when I started light colours don’t suit me best but ignored the little voice because I loved the fabric. Don’t think I’d risk using a polyester as you need something quite sturdy to stop the top front sagging but a nice cotton sateen or maaaaaybe a lightweight wool?

I’d also lower my waist a smidge as it’s just a touch too high. Only like a cm or two though. And I’d try and perfect the zipper as it passes the waist by not gathering as closely at the centre back. I don’t mind too much if the mustard pops through a little to show off the zip but it’s not properly out of sight. I might even use a concealed/invisible zipper next time!

All in all a success. Now I’m trying to redo the little green UFO dress I also mentioned in the post here so I can wear it to work Thursday. We’re off out for a work do straight after and it would be nice to wear this one. See, I’m creating motivation for myself!!

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  1. missiep says:

    it looks gorgeous! there’s no such thing as overdressed at the supermarket in my humble opinion. also I think you could and totally should do that vogue. how else to learn, except by doing? PS am TOTES jealous re boning! good luck with the little green UFO

    1. Cheers Chuck! Never fancied blogging about your sewing adventures?

      1. missiep says:

        been busy finishing my PhD but now that’s done I’m thinking about it! you make it look like fun! 😀

  2. just found your blog and love it!
    I am from Leeds too and love Jacks but I have not found the clearance section…might have to wander down on my lunch hour!!
    I am more into crafty sewing but I do want to venture into clothes making at some point,…looks so time consuming for me though!…
    you have a new follower now :o)

    1. and also just wondering where you got the tiny serger from? I have never seen one until I saw your blog and had a search and can only see them in the US…I am just being nosey as I really want a serger but struggling to find a spare £200!

      1. Oh! Thanks so much Kristy! 🙂

        Little Sergei came from ebay. I lucked out as a woman was selling off her mother’s sewing equipment and found the serger, barely used in the cupboard (still had the original spools on it threaded up).
        It was £35 incl. postage and I thought oh god, either it’s awful or she doesn’t realise what she’s selling.
        Now, granted it only has three threads so it’s as robust an overlock stitch as you can get, and you can’t do fancy things like rolled hems with it but I think it rocks!! Check out ebay and gumtree for deals!

        Bet you, me and missie p have all passed each other in the market without realising.

  3. I love your name “almond rock” I love almonds and I think they rock!!!!!! The V1174 is gorgeous and yes totally remnds me of Dita as well. I think you will be able to tackle that pattern, boning is surprisingly easy!!

    1. Thanks! Almond Rock is cockney rhyming slang for “frock”. And I do love frocks.

  4. […] other news, I tried the fix for my jeans (suggested by Almond Rock), and so far it’s looking good. Haven’t washed it yet, so it remains to be seen how […]

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