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Hello everyone! I promise this isn’t going be a huge ramble about the weather, even though I’m a total British cliché and actually enjoy talking about what’s happening out there. If I’ve ever talked to you about the weather, don’t think it’s just small talk… it honestly isn’t!

almond rock simplicity 2444 floral summer dress

So this is a dress I made last Summer! It was great for those sticky days when I needed to feel put together but stay as cool as possible. We’re not having so many of those right now. I have this really vivid memory of being out in Leeds with my mum and the sun was shining down on us and just loved wearing this dress. I also wore it to meet the gorgeous teeny newborn baby of my two good friends so the happy memories keep rolling.

almond rock simplicity 2444 floral summer dress

The cotton is a pretty print I found at B&M fabrics in the market but I’ve seen it online at Sew Over It called Cristabel and at Goldhawk Road. It’s a lightweight poplin with a touch of spandex. B&M had it on a blue base too.

almond rock simplicity 2444 floral summer dress

The dress is a Simplicity 2444 bodice with bigger armholes and thinner “straps” or should we still just call them shoulder seams? I used the Emery skirt from Christine Haynes because it’s so awesome; the perfect length and flared with the perfect A line. I added the pockets from the Emery too. I’m super happy with the fit of this dress now.

almond rock simplicity 2444 floral summer dress

The dress isn’t lined, just sewn up with the included facings which made it super quick to sew. The print means it isn’t that sheer but I definitely need a slip to wear the dress with tights. I installed a lapped zipper in the back because I am still on the quest to perfect these. This one is almost right, but the zipper pull shows a little.

almond rock simplicity 2444 floral summer dress

Oh and I rediscovered this necklace the other day too and really want to buy another big colourful piece like it. I systematically forget to wear jewellery every day. I really want to change that; although perhaps that means picking out jewellery the night before and laying it out for myself. That’s weird right? I have some lovely antique pieces from my family that I really regret not wearing more. Am I the only forgetful “accessoriser” out there?

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  1. Swirlyicing says:

    Lovely print!

  2. What a pretty fabric & I like the shoulders on the bodice 😉
    Sometimes I accessorize very thoughtfully and other times just when I remember. That said, a well chosen belt, necklace or scarf can completely change an outfit – and I’m always glad when I take the time to throw on one more thing!

  3. Love the fabric Amy, it’s so pretty. I think I NEED to get 2444 as I always admire it on you and Roisin but I’ve never made it and I think it might be one I’d really like and potentially make again and again! Re accessories – I went thru a phase of making and wearing my own jewellery which was great…except that now I have “everyday” jewellery that I never take off (matching diamond studs/necklace/engagement and wedding rings) I just can’t be bothered to keep taking everything on and off to match what I’m wearing. It’s a shame as I have loads of costume jewellery just sitting there. Really like that necklace of yours, maybe you should starting picking things out the night before so you get to wear it all more often!

  4. Bex says:

    Hey Hun. Thought I’d have a peek at what you’ve been up to. Love the pretty dress! Shame it’s not warmer for more dress wearing at the moment! I always forget jewellery, keep meaning to put in pretty little earrings. Really works well for you though xxx

  5. You really look so sweet and beautiful! I loved your dress! The fabric is very feminine!

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