Upcycled winter floral Sewaholic Cambie

I hate winter. I know it’s a magical time of year but I hate being cold, and needing sensible shoes, and getting dressed in the dark. I spend my mornings fumbling in my wardrobe, putting my make up on in low light and regularly throwing my hair up in a bun.

almond rock vintage cambie sewaholic

So winter florals are giving me life at the minute. Such pretty blooms on dark bases are again cropping up in the shops, magazines and fabric stores. They’re lovely to wear too.

almond rock vintage cambie sewaholic

During the summer I picked up this oversized 1960s cotton house dress. Looking at the internal finish there’s a good chance it was handmade. It was a throw over your head, size 16 shapeless tent with simple facings. I couldn’t resist the vivid coloured flowers and bought it without a clear refashioning plan.

almond rock vintage cambie sewaholic

I worked out I could squeeze a Sewaholic Cambie view B from the dress if I used the sleeve lining piece instead of the gathered sleeve. I added a green invisible zip and lined the bodice in some leftover anti static polyester from the stash.

almond rock vintage cambie sewaholic

I get so so so many comments about this fabric when I wear the dress. I think it’s the combination of orange and violet. If refashioning is this fun I’ll definitely do it again.

almond rock vintage cambie sewaholic


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  1. That fabric is gorgeous! I love your refashioned dress and it will look pretty with so many cardigan colours!

  2. What a win! It’s gorgeous 🙂 I haven’t wandered into the world of re-fashioning yet but I love the concept and have seen so many beautiful makes like yours it’s getting close!

  3. Looks great. I am in thick tights and boots everyday! Jo xx

  4. Love that fabric, you’ve given it a well deserved new life – looks great on you and will be a great way to brighten the cooler months!

  5. Wowsers! Your dress is fabulous! What a great refashion, and I agree about the colours, they’re lovely.

  6. Love this! The fabric is fab.

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