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The Sweetheart Dress (oh don’t get all soppy on me)


Last week I showed you a dress I hadn’t blogged about but it went down quite well so I here are the details.

I wanted to make the Colette Truffle bodice into my go-to dress bodice block as it was so close to being perfect on my Christmas party dress.


I made a rub off pattern from a lace dress I love and then combined this with the Truffle pattern to make what should have been a perfect fit. It’s sooo close to perfect but not quite as the neck gapes a little, though it seems to suit Beryl.


I also drafted an A-line gathered skirt by using the hem and drop measurements from the lace dress and after eyeballing the amount of waist gathering figured out the waist length I’d need. I like A-line gathered skirts more than dirndl because a lot of waist gathering makes me look too wide there. Plus you still get a good twirly skirt from them!


The fabric was from Fletcher’s Fabrics in York and was a birthday present from Mr AR. It’s a popular quilting cotton which has been in stock for years and comes in a variety of colourways.


I did my new trick of encasing the zip with bias tape and I lined the bodice in cream poly lining but didn’t line the skirt… that was my major mistake.

Unlined cotton dresses stick to your tights and I hate this. But I convinced myself otherwise! Now this dress rides up when I wear it. Even when I wear a half slip for goodness sake! I live the dress so I think I’ll retroactively fit a lining. I just need to mull over how….

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  1. Those little hearts are super cute. I want a dress made of this print. Also, very nice touch binding the zipper tape. The neck you could tack down on two opposing sides of the neckline to adjust it. nobody would notice. 🙂 You look great!

    1. Mmm good idea. Thanks Leila!

  2. Cute pattern! I hate the cotton-dress-stuck-to-tights thing! I recently made a cotton dress and really don’t want to go back and line it, but might just have to!

    1. Maybe a slip will work for you? The logic of a slip is sound I just can’t figure out why mine was riding up along with my dress!

  3. Cute fabric, and it turned out great! I really like the width of the shoulder strap area (I feel like there’s a better word for that, but my caffeine hasn’t quite kicked in this morning)! That part is usually wider in sleeveless dresses, but the tapering is very nice and feminine.

    1. Thanks! I think because its more boatneck then most dresses in that style it gives a nice neck shape while still covering bra straps! Very important

  4. ‘Retroactively’ – what a great word!!! It’s such a sweet dress my dear, hope you get the lining issue sorted so you can wear it all the time!

    1. Thanks Marie! I have some thoughts about how to conquer it so fingers crossed for next time!

  5. Lovely dress! I used that fabric to make my daughter a dress, now I’m wishing I’d saved it for myself.

    1. Make yourself matching dresses methinks? 😉

  6. Sweetheart dress is the perfect name for this frock!

    1. Thank you! The boy did good with his fabric choices

  7. I love your dress! I think it looks super cute on you and really suits you 🙂
    I have the same fabric in a different colourway (cream and navy ish) but I still haven’t decided what to make with it – not enough for a dress though 🙁
    I’ve seen similar fit issues to yours and out of interest looked it up (I’m a bit geeky like that!!). I have the Vogue Sewing book and it has a large section on garment fit issues and what to do with them. It has information on what might be causing a gaping neckline – from cup size to hollow or pigeon chests – always such flattering terms – and what to do about them.

    1. Thanks for the comments 🙂
      Great minds think alike. I checked that section of the book too! Gave me the idea to add two neckline darts then rotate them to the bust to see if that helps.
      I say make a skirt from your fabric. Its a bit stiff for a top in my opinion (I tried with the green/cream colourway amd it turned out a flop!) but if you make a top please share you’ll probably master it better thank me!

  8. Oh, this dress is super cute! Love it. Bummer about the skirt, but I’m sure you’ll work out a fine fix!

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