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MMM12: Day 21. Elsie knock-off

Woo I’m super pleased with myself. And not afraid to say it!

Ages ago I saw a picture of Elsie and went “ooooooh”.

I love Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess. Her fashion taste is fab and she always tries to include lots of varying fun diy ideas. She’s also a lovely photographer.

Immediately I pinned this dress on Pinterest and set about making my duplicate! What do you think?!

Unfortunately my fabric isn’t as bright, but it is still lovely and was £1 a metre! Have I said before that I LOVE Jack’s Fabrics.

I then made my own pattern for the front panel. I use baking paper when making my own pattern pieces. It’s a bit stiffer than tissue paper which makes it harder to pin but the pieces last longer.

I found some cheap red lining fabric and buttons that are a near perfect match for the Elsie buttons. And set about sewing. I decided not to include the sleeves as they looked a bit poofy in the picture and I didn’t think they’d suit me.

I’m super pleased with the construction because I used french seams, top stitching and my serger finished all my seams beautifully!

I wore the dress to work and was quietly smug. It turned out to be lovely and sunny today too so I didn’t feel too out of place in a sundress.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. I also collect inspiration on Pinterest but have yet to put it into action. Well done on realizing your inspiration. Its really lovely 🙂

  2. I like it! I’d love to say I did something productive with the time I spend on pinterest- maybe I’ll just repin this and admire it instead!

  3. I saw that picture on A Beautiful Mess today! Yours is a darling dress. Did you use any darts, or how did you fit the top?

    1. Thanks! No darts. I just limited the ease in the top so it wouldn’t be too blouson-y and used strong elastic to cinch in the waist. Now I just need a bike to pose with 🙂

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