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Small ones, medium ones, giant ones.

So it’s not surprising I bought 5 types of polka dot fabric at the Birmingham meet up!

This is what I did with my three metres of black and white large polka dot satin fabric.

First up I wanted to make a Colette Truffle dress. I made FOUR toiles trying to get the fit right.

2012-12-03 23.24.04

I got the bodice fitted after two toiles because I used a TNT pattern to get the sizing and darts placement right.

I just could not for the life of me, get the skirt to fit. So I gave up.

I desperately wanted the flounce but settled for a gathered skirt that I drafted myself.

2012-12-05 20.18.45

I teamed the dress with gold glittery shoes and a black glitter headband.

I’m pleased with the fit in the back. I usually have a lot of gaping around the upper back but nailed it this time and my zipper is pretty neat.

There is a little bit of gaping around the neckline but think that’s because it’s a touch too low for me combined with such a drapey fabric. Also I normally love gathered waist dresses but after a few too many cakes lately I’m not sure it’s as flattering as it could have been. I’m too ashamed of my handstitching to show you inside I’m afraid.

And then because I didn’t need the extra fabric I’d bought for the flounce I made I had a metre left over!

Hello New Look 6808!


The best bit about making another one of these tops is that I knew I could fix the sleeves. I did this in two ways. I altered my pattern pieces to lower the bottom of the armhole on both pieces but increase the armhole curve on the back piece by a few millimetres.

Then I sewed the sleeves in flat! This was a revelation!!

I knew you could sew sleeves into jersey tops/dresses in flat but I wasn’t sure about woven garments.

A quick rummage around my google reader unearthed Sunni’s confirmation that you can!


I made the gathers a bit more pleat like on this version. Though it’s hard to see in this photo.

The top fits like a dream with room for a big fat dinner.

I’m soooo making 50 more of these.

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  1. Nice spots! I like the top particularly, I bet you’ll get loads of wear out of that.

    1. Thanks! I wore it last night and I’m trying to rustle up some more xmas drinks to wear it again!

  2. I love it! Love the dots, love the dress, love it all 🙂

    1. Aww thank you!! Spots rule 🙂

  3. Both outfits are so cute on you..

  4. Lovely. On both. I’m not a fan of dots for myself but I LOVE them on other people. Maybe some day I’ll try them on myself. 🙂

    1. Oh I’d definitely encourage it!

  5. I love polka dots too! Cute dress.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Took a look over at your blog and like the ombre denim quilt you were playing around with!

  6. so nice! love both garments a lot!!! so cute! the polka dots are really nice and the fabric looks nice and dressy! teaming it with gold shoes sounds perfect for xmas!

    1. Thank you! I did feel glam in the satin. Great for partying

  7. Every lady needs a closet full of polka dots! Am loving both the dress and the top 😀 Perhaps some twill tape to stabilise the neckline could be the ticket with the dress bodice for next time? I have this happen a couple of times and it sucks! I can’t wait to see some more dotty awesomeness 😀

    1. Cheers m’dear. Yeah you’re right. I think a bit more stability is required next time

  8. Yay for polka dot love! Your dress is so pretty and girlie (and super flattering too) and your top is perfect! Good work all around!!!

    1. Thank you Marie! Nice to use some meet up fabric too

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I love both of these, and polka dots rock!! I must make me something with polka dots. It’s interesting to read about how you sewed the sleeves on your top. I sewed the sleeves on my Sewaholic Alma’s like that because it seemed easier that way, but didn’t even think that it might be “wrong”. But one thing I have learnt about sewing is that there aren’t too many wrong ways to do something – just the best way that works for that person. And I’m all for making life easy for myself! 🙂

  11. Both so cute! The polka dots really suit you. I bet you wear the top lots and lots because it will go with so many things, and the dress is a knockout.

  12. ah doll you look cracking! Lovely use of the dots. That dress is making me think of all the fabulous prom films of the 80s well the heroine sees off the meanies to rein supreme 🙂 woot!

  13. So cute dress! 4 toiles – not bad 🙂

  14. Ah these look great! I had a huge mission fitting the Truffle too – well done for persevering, it definitely looks worth all those toiles!

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