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Come Fly With Me…

Today is confession time.

Saturday evening I was sipping bubbles, swirling around a dancefloor and trying to make small talk with Footballers, WAGs and Soap stars.
That’s right, it was finally the night of the James Milner Foundation – Winter Charity Ball. And as I’d mentioned, I had every intention of making a dress for the event.


Now if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have heard my stories of woe. I had plans and supplies, but then somewhere along the way everything got away from me.

I made SIX muslins – two for the Vogue ballerina dress, one Anna dress, a self drafted scallop neck dress and two Lonsdale dresses. I finally settled on the Lonsdale in a fun polka dot satin.

The bodice turned out gorgeous. I was so happy. But alas the skirt was not for me. No, I could not face all those gorgeous people feeling self-conscious about the way it hugged my midriff.


Now I could have raced out and bought a ludicrously expensive dress that I’d never wear again. But lo and behold, a search in my humongous wardrobe revealed with (70s?) vintage gown I’d worn to my Graduation ball oh so many years ago. I love the plunging neck (lower than I usually brave) and beautiful rose at the waist.

I bought it at the time because it made me feel like a Bond girl. Please don’t correct me otherwise.


The theme of the party was “Come Fly With Me” – held at the Concorde centre in Manchester.

The night featured champagne, Ferrari taxis, his and hers fake tan, dodgems, pretending to be an air steward, ice skating, Lawson and JLS, plus much, much more. Too much to mention I think.


One important thing to note is that although the room was filled with people who make my annual salary in a week, these were also generous folk who raised £60k from the auction alone. The final total of funds raised is yet to be circulated but for the recipient charities it will be a wonderful contribution to keep their good work going.

Apologies for the poor quality photos. It was a bit dark in there! Also don’t look at my hair too closely. All my hard work on the perfect do was destroyed as soon as I stepped out into 60mph winds.

If you are intrigued by what the heck was going on take a look at the official photos on the JMF homepage.