Blooming heart embroidery

Okay so I know I’m the queen of delayed blogging with a whopping 50+ unblogged makes but I realised I never blogged this heart embroidery and it turned out so sweet that I wanted to share it. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my embroidery posts and I have a story highlight so you can see my most recent pieces but this was one of the my VERY EARLY attempts at embroidery and helped me perfect some of the basic stitches.

Almond rock hand embroidery hoop art oh sew bootiful

It’s a pattern download from Oh Sew Bootiful which you can get here. After trying two of their kits where pre-printed fabric, a crazy amount of thread and very clear instructions are all packaged up for you, I wanted to see if I could work out good colour combinations on my own and practice transferring the design onto the fabric myself.

Almond rock hand embroidery hoop art oh sew bootiful

The benefit of a PDF pattern is that you can resize it to fit your ideal hoop or if you’re short on hoops, make it work for whatever you have to hand. I like to use a frixion pen and a window as a light source when tracing. A couple of pins hold the paper and fabric layers together and any mistakes can be rubbed away with the rubber on the end of the frixion pen. I got mine as a Christmas present but have seen them in lots of stationary sections of shops.

Almond rock hand embroidery hoop art oh sew bootiful

This design really makes you practice French knots (I like to do a double curl around the needle), lazy daisy (worked best when I remember to rotate my hoop as I go) and pinwheel roses (magic stuff).

Almond rock hand embroidery hoop art oh sew bootiful

People often don’t believe I was an absolute beginner just last year and it’s down to how easy these stitches are to learn and how working a great pattern makes you feel like a pro. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m so proud of how quick my skills have come on. If you love this design but you’re looking for a little more hand holding to get the embroidery looking perfect, buy the kit here. I also love this Noel hoop which would make a very classy Christmas decoration.

Almond rock hand embroidery hoop art oh sew bootiful

Things are quite full on at the minute and I’m really looking forward to the New Year. My best friend gets married on Dec 28th. I’m helping make her dress, making my bridesmaid dress and sorting the hen do. I’ve also got business trips coming up and the bonkers Christmas schedule is looming where January issues have to be finished in early Dec so the printers and distribution teams can break over Christmas too. Excitingly my brother is back for Christmas which is going to be fab and having a “to my husband” card to buy will be sweet. I just need to figure out what the heck to make and buy for people!! Sorry if you’re still ignoring Christmas for a while longer… just pretend you never saw this paragraph.

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  1. Carol Thomas says:

    The kitty doesn’t look to pleased to be dressed for Christmas in October!

  2. so pretty! love those colors of coral and green together

  3. That is a lovely piece Amy. Still loved up then? Jo x

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