The Cat’s Pyjamas – Carolyn McCall’s hybrid lounge set

So before I get started with my blog post, I have an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! On April 25th 7:30pm (BST) I’ll be co-hosting the Pyjama Pictionary Party with Marie of A Stitching Odyssey. This is a YouTube live stream on my channel where we’ll chat handmade pyjamas, you can ask us anything you’ve always wanted to know and then we’ll quiz your sewing knowledge with a themed game of Pictionary! PLUS we’ve gathered 9 amazing raffle prizes which we’ll draw at the end of the night.


I love a classic pyjama. They make me think if Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert… I could go on. They’re best slightly oversized with contrast piping, and occasionally a monogrammed pocket. Now despite loving pyjamas, I’ve blogged only a couple of the pairs I’ve made! You can see my McCall’s 6659 (aka M8056) here and why not check out my YouTube video on adding piping to the Closet Case Carolyn top here.

This set was dreamed up while I was sick last Easter. I mean, really really unwell. Like crying in pain unwell. So… I’m lying on the sofa and Jimi brings me a present from my dearest Sewing Wife Marie. 3m of crazy cat fabric to make me feel better and some sweets! She’s the cutest right?? As Marie had bought herself some of the fabric too we both agreed to make PJs for some #sewtwinning fun. I chose to make the Closet Case Carolyn top and the McCall’s 6659 (M8056) trousers but turn them into shorts. I used sparkly silver piping to pick out the silver in the print. And found the cutest metallic painted shell buttons on eBay to coordinate!

This might seem crazy but for the Carolyn top I started with a size 6 in the shoulders graded up to 10 from the bust to the waist and then up to a 16 at the hip. Remember I have a surprising waist to hip ratio and I don’t believe in feeling snug while in loungewear! I’m currently 36:33:45. My McCall’s shorts are size 14. I made my own cuffs for the sleeves and short hems to maximise piping and tried my best with pattern placement… This pattern is hungry on a 45″ wide fabric. Marie nailed the pockets on her pyjamas of course. I’m jealous obviously. Everything is finished inside with zesty overlocked seams for a secret dash of sunshine.

Now I’m rather shy about my thighs but this next cropped shot is acceptable as you’ll want to see the bottoms on.

Now comes the dreaded back shot! The things I do for you guys eh?

It’s a funny fabric weight; somewhere between a loose cotton weave and a single gauze so it has a pretty crinkled texture and lovely soft hand. Marie thinks it might be seersucker. It’s totally opaque either way. Perfect for pyjamas! Marie got it from Leicester Market so I imagine it was fair price as well. It’s important with textured fabric like this that you embrace the wrinkles. Press the entire thing super flat when it’s not going to last is a waste of your time and will likely throw off your fit and finish.

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures, and don’t forget to join the Pictionary Pyjama Party on Saturday 25th!

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  1. These are fab Amy! Wished I looked that good in PJ’s

  2. Carol Thomas says:

    Purr fect!

  3. Barbara Waites says:

    I think your Caroline pyjamas look fantastic but do you find that CC patterns make up big? I have just made a pair of Cielo pants and cut them according to my measurements. They looked like clowns trousers!
    Your comments would be gratefully received!!

    1. almondrock says:

      I always choose the size based on the finished garment measurements comparing to my measurements plus 1-2″ of ease. But noticed there was a fair bit of ease built into this pattern! Hope that helps.

  4. Rachel says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog while doing some PJ research – it’s great! We have similar style, so thanks for all the lovely inspiration!! These PJs look fab (I love the feature overlocking too – I’ve never thought to do that before)! I’m trying to decide whether to make the Carolyns or the M6659s – do you have any thoughts, please? The main difference seems to be that the M6659s have bust darts but these don’t, is that right?

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Carolyn has a nicer collar shape and a curved hem. But the McCall’s has a slightly better fit. But they’re very close so you can’t go wrong with either

  5. Hi Amy, I just discovered your blog and I enjoy reading your modification notes, since I also have a “surprising waist to hip ratio” (which I like) and am always happy to find sewists describing how they went about altering patterns to make them fit bodies that do not fall into one and the same size everywhere!

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