The Bermuda Triangles Top

Everyone loves a good pattern hack. Well check this one out.

2013-09-08 16.13.06

This strappy top is loosely based on Simplicity 2362. I picked this pattern up at the V&A London meetup.


Now I’m sure those pockets are lovely in real life but I just couldn’t bring myself to use those lower bodice pieces. Enter the trusty gathered rectangle.

I could also see that the strap varieties on offer were all lovely. But why isn’t there an option for just a single spaghetti strap? It’s not like there’s a lot of dress to support weight-wise.

2013-09-08 16.24.09-1

Finally, since I’d decided to turn this into a top rather than a dress I just couldn’t rationalise putting in a zip, so I cut the bodice on the fold and shirred the back.


The fabric used is a Liberty cotton I picked up quite some time ago and I did my very best to line up the fabric pattern placement as well as the pleats. I’m pretty happy with how I did.

(I feel like if you stare too long into the centre pleats you start to go a little cross-eyed anyway.)


Are you all looking at my chest now? Tut Tut.

This is EXACTLY the kind of top I love and have several RTW variations in my wardrobe already. I may have made this a touch too long though, at least compared to my other tops.

I’m totally making more of these. Definitely one in a plain colour (perhaps it’s time to break out my electric blue silk cotton?) – I mean look how great the pleats look on my toile:

2013-08-31 17.15.19Hope you’ve all had a lovely week full of sewing and fun.

My feedly app seems to be stacked full of new posts. So I can’t wait to catch up on everybody’s blog posts tomorrow during my commute! (Makes going to work a little easier.)

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  1. love it! Fabric is gorgeous 🙂
    2 weeks time my sewing machine can finally get unpacked and get used for the first time in a year!!

  2. It turned out great! You’ve inspired me to crack open this pattern for summer now. I too have a bunch of tops just like this. Only they’re from pre-sewing days so they’re getting a bit old. Which is a great excuse to sew ones just like them.

    Also the shirring on the back makes it looks incredibly fitted and flattering, well done.

  3. Really lovely top… but, erm, can I point out one thing? It’s nearly winter! How are you going to be able to show it off till next year?! (Unless you are Heat Woman) I can’t wait to see the pleated version either.

  4. Love it – great shape bodice. I tried making a top like that years ago (when I didn’t know what I was doing and just scrunched up fabric). Needless to say it was an epic fail, but you may have inspired me to try again now I know a tad more! x

    1. I think this pattern has the right amount of challenge and visual interest while still being quick to make! Definitely have another go

  5. This is lovely! And I’m afraid that sewing blogs seem to be one of the few places on the internet where we inadvertently end up staring at one another’s, ahem, curves… although, we’re only ever looking at the covering! I often chuckle at that – and the covering you have here is perfect with those pleats. Well done!

    1. Do it!! It’s really easy but kinda boring to do then kind of frustrating when your bobbin runs out then looks awesome. It’s really about psyching yourself up to keep going!

    1. Thanks! I have so many shirred rtw tops that I can’t believe I waited this long to make something with it. Have a go. Its boring to do but has great results

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend it for its wonderful results. Doing the shirring isn’t much fun though. Not hard just a bit boring and slow

  6. Oh I love this!! Such a fabulous pattern bodice for the front (and oh so flattering on you) and I love the surprise of the elasticated gathering at the back. And need I mention the gorgeous fabric? You’ve totally won me over here 🙂

  7. I think your hack is brilliant! I have this pattern and just haven’t had the time. I think I would have to stick with the wider straps just to cover up bra straps. I can’t get away with braless tops and shirring isn’t enough support for me. You look positively lovely though! The electric blue sounds marvelous!

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