Scallops and more scallops New Look 6002

Happy long weekend everyone.

I’m sharing a dress I posted on Instagram  a while ago but didn’t let you peek at the finished  garment.

It’s an old New Look pattern I got from sewingpatterns.com to print at home. It’s an absolute pain in the butt to sort as you need special software and a licence code and there’s a limit on the number of prints allowed. And the other day my licence code didn’t work, so I bought a McCall’s pattern I can’t print. Humpf!

Anyways it’s a mix and match pattern  with gorgeous bodice, waistband and sleeves options, and boring skirts… so I obviously put a gathered skirt on there instead haha. This is bodice B featuring a scalloped neckline paired with the plain waist.

When Cloud 9 Fabrics released the Elizabeth Olwen collection I couldn’t resist buying some. I was torn about which print from Morning Song to get but loved how the purple and orange in the Breezy Floral voile was strong but girly. I picked up stash points by buying from Village Haberdashery too.

I underlined every piece for opacity with white polyester lining. Using a hem facing  and the scallop stitch on my SMD4000 I was able to add a scalloped hem to the skirt as well. The stitch creates perfectly even scallops that you then clip and turn through, then I handstitched the facing to the underlining. Since it was giving me sweet vintage vibes I thought a lapped zipper would be nice.

The reason  I love New Look patterns is that they fit my body almost perfectly  out the envelope! All I had to do was grade out the side seams towards the waist. I made a size 8 around the upper body and a 12 at the waist. The only tricky part is clipping and notching the scallops properly so they turn through neatly. You need to be super accurate at getting close to but not clipping through the stitching line.

So I think I’ll make another version with the neckline from view C. Maybe in a plain fabric… shock horror. Have you made this pattern?

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  1. Swirlyicing says:


  2. Beautiful dress and it IS a perfect fit!

    1. almondrock says:

      Hehe thanks so much

  3. Mannnnnn your blog photos are just too good these days since this new job of yours 😀 I love this dress though – scalloping is always so pretty!

    1. almondrock says:

      Hehe thanks. I love that they let me have my photos there now

  4. This is a stunner. Love the fit and the fabric, the hem is gorgeous, did it take ages.

    1. almondrock says:

      The hem took quite a while I won’t lie but I watched telly while I hand sewed it which helped

  5. WOW!! The dress (and you in it) look gorgeous! The fabric is amazing, I may have to get myself some at some point….

    1. almondrock says:

      Oooh you should!!

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