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Emerald or Teal?

So this is the story of my new jacket.
We’ve had a bit of a rocky time getting to completion but we made it out the other side.

It’s sort of my vintage pledge garment because my original pledge to sew a vintage shelf bust pattern was demolished when I sewed the modern Gertie dress.

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

Meet Style 2563, a vintage jacket and skirt suit pattern dated at 1969. The cover art is misleading – three women on the envelope, but no variations in the pattern pieces, just additional cutting layouts for plaid fabric.

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

I picked this up at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year as there is a regular stall holder with giant plastic tubs full of vintage patterns and I usually spend half an hour combing through it hoping for buried treasure in my size. A quick muslin confirmed it was a pretty good fit and only needed a few tweaks!

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

The outer fabric is a textured wool from Barry’s Fabrics. I picked it up at SewBrum with the cheeky discount that had been arranged for us — thanks Charlotte! There was a fault running parallel to the selvedge about 30 cm along so I was actually given a further discount. Making this something like £9 a metre.

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

The lining fabric was an eBay find! The seller had called it “stilletoes” print by mistake so it’s good I stumbled onto it. Such pretty colours! It’s a lovely satin that probably isn’t silk (even though she calls it that) but feels as nice either way.

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

Aaah those buttons. These were the most expensive part of the jacket. Can you believe there were £3 each!? But since the other supplies were a steal, and wool covered buttons were ruled out, I wanted buttons I’d love and would LAST.

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

So here’s my two pence about this jacket.

  • It’s too short. I lengthened it a lot and it’s still just a bit too short. Very frustrating. I get that it’s supposed to be worn with a dress or skirt but at its actual length your belly button would show.
  • The princess seams on this jacket are a bit crap looking. If you’re going to draft a princess seamed back and a two piece sleeve, the princess seam should curve to the armscye not the shoulder and connect to the sleeve seam.
  • There isn’t any allowance for the roll of the collar so the outer seam doesn’t roll under nicely. I did what I could with it but this is the best I could manage.
  • Why no pockets? Shouldn’t every good jacket have pockets? I really should have added some so it’s partially my fault. Some cute welt pockets would have been nice, possibly even with a little pocket flap, right?

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket Chewie agrees – WHERE’S THE POCKET!?

almond rock emerald green wool style 2563 jacket

So there we go! A new jacket with a few problems but still pretty cute. I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

The only thing I can’t decide on is what colour this jacket is. I even got some paint sample cards from B&Q and it sort of falls in between their Teal and Emerald. Help me out here, what colour do you think it is?

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  1. Cute jacket! I kind of like how the princess seams look, but agree that a jacket without pockets is a big no no. Welts in the princess seams would have been so nice. If I wear things without pockets then my hands don’t seem to know where to go! It looks so well made though that I hope it gets worn a lot. Also, gotta love a good flash of lining 😉

    1. Argh, forgot to say how much I’m enjoying the spotty wall! X

      1. almondrock says:

        Oooh thank you! Best decision I ever made!

    2. almondrock says:

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one missing pockets! I’m definitely still proud of it and have worn it every day since making it so it’s in good rotation haha

  2. megret1979 says:

    I think it’s quite cute! Doesn’t look too short to me. On my screen, it’s definitely teal, not emerald.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! It’s probably just 3 or 4 cm too short for my cardigans so they peek out a bit as I walk. Never mind, won’t stop me wearing it 😉

  3. Tania says:

    Definitely teal to me. Gorgeous!

    1. almondrock says:

      Teal seems to be the group consensus! Thanks!

  4. I guess it was designed to be worn with higher waisted skirts not the lower rise jeans of today but still I think it’s a nice length on you. Teal, definitely teal.

    1. almondrock says:

      True true, my own fault for forcing it to be a standalone day jacket rather than a snappy suit.

  5. Definitely looks teal to me 🙂 Love the lining you’ve used, what a find! I think your jacket looks really cute and quite like that the princess seam starts from the shoulder. Although it looks good without pockets I totally get what you mean. I have a short jacket quite similar to this and it doesn’t have pockets and man do I miss having them. My hands are always searching for somewhere to go!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks! I’m glad I’m not being silly for missing the pockets. I’ll still wear it to death I’m sure heehee

  6. Very nice Amy. I would definitely say teal too!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! I guess emerald is a bit greener so do agree with everyone, teal is the answer!

  7. Linda says:

    I would say the jacket length for your proportions looks just right! Teal on my screen too 🙂

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! It’s only about 3cm off where I’d like it to be. Just so my cardigans don’t peek out. Teal is the clear winner it seems!

  8. Yvonne Bennett says:

    Lovely jacket! Looks real on my screen, too. Hope, despite it’s few faults, you enjoy wearing it. Looks lovely on!

    1. Yvonne Bennett says:

      Sheesh…..TEAL, not real. I need sleep.

      1. almondrock says:

        Real Teal! Heehee

    2. almondrock says:

      Thank you! I’ve worn it every day since completion so it’s definitely a new wardrobe staple.

  9. This is gorgeous! I think the length is perfect on you, and would say that the colour is teal too.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! I love the colour either way but it’s fun to hear the overwhelming shouts of teal.

  10. bimbleandpimble says:

    Team Teal here as well!
    The jacket looks a great length from the photos so it sucks that it is too short when you wear it. It does look smashing- short or not!
    Side note: what is up with no pockets?! Boo!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! It’s probably 3 or 4 cm too short so my cardigans peek out at everyone but I do love wearing it 🙂 Happy to hear you’re distressed at the lack of pockets too. Boo indeed!

  11. Wendy Payne says:

    Teal for sure and looks really good.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks so much! Teal seems to be the clear winner!

  12. This looks lovely. The colour is beautiful, and the proportions are great for you.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks so much! Despite any grumblings I’m still really happy with it

  13. Without a doubt, it is teal. I think the shape of this jacket suits you. I can completely understand your comment about the princess seams. I think it looks neater when they go to the armscye. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of wear from it.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! The princess seams are such a little thing but I think it helps with the arm movement too. Ah well I’m definitely getting lots of wear out of it!

  14. Teal. I wear an emerald every day (my wedding ring) and your lovely jacket is not emerald.

    1. almondrock says:

      Ooh sounds like a gorgeous ring! I think teal is the clear winner. I just always pictured teal a bit blue-er! Though I think you’re right ans emerald is greener than my jacket.

  15. I would say this is teal as well – ’emerald’ to me is a bit more yellowy-green.

    FWIW I think the pattern is intended for a suit jacket type of thing – not something so heavy as a coat-weight wool. Hence the issues with the collar roll exposing the under collar at the back. When using thicker fabrics, the difference in size between the upper and under collars has to be more pronounced – with the under collar something like 5mm smaller on every edge except the edge that joins the jacket. (hope that makes sense)

    Again, I think there aren’t any pockets because it’s intended as a suit jacket and in that case, pockets would ruin the line. You could easily add some small in-seam pockets in lining fabric by unpicking the lining hem and part of the front seams?

    The colour is fantastic on you and I agree with the other commenters that the fit and length are both great. Another super make – I do envy your productivity! 🙂

    1. almondrock says:

      Very good points. You’re probably on the nose with them. It did recommend light wool so I was taking the Michael with this fabric 🙂
      I would have expected a faux or sealed welt or perhaps faux flap but I can live without pocket really.
      Thanks for the lovely comments.

  16. I see teal, and that lining is amazing. Looks great!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thanks so much! I think the lining is the secret star of this make!

  17. I vote teal! This is gorgeous, and the lining is just as fab as the outside 🙂

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! I really lucked out with that lining. It’s my surprise kapow moment so enjoy taking it off as much as wearing it

  18. Definitely teal which suits you beautifully!

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! I’ve been enjoying how much of my wardrobe it goes with!

  19. Lovely jacket and a fabulous lining. I’m definitely on Team Teal.

    1. almondrock says:

      Thank you! Teal is storming to a win! Nice to find a new blog to follow so thanks for commenting 🙂

  20. This looks so cute on you! The length looks right to me. I know what you mean about pockets- I made a blazer once that didn’t have them, and even in my Morris blazers, I’m constantly reaching for nonexistent pockets. You could always hand stitch some patch pockets on, if you don’t mind patch pockets!

  21. I love the look of it despite your critique of its faults. I love the collar and the lack of pockets makes for a nice clean look. I’d have a problem with that too since I rarely carry a purse, but the jacket looks so nice, I’d use a purse just so I could wear the jacket! Beautiful!

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