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Elsie Overshirt

Hello campers!

I’m loving blogging again. So here’s something else from my huge backlog of finished garments. The pattern is the Elsie woven overshirt from Style Arc patterns.

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

How Style Arc works is that you get a single sized pattern delivered in the post or you can choose a multi-size pdf pattern from their Etsy store plus there are multi-sized paper patterns on now.

The paper patterns have the instructions printed on the same sheet as the pattern pieces so you have to make sure you don’t throw them out accidentally! And only the key directions have illustrations. Sizes range from 4 to 30 and prices are in Australian dollars.

My favourite part is that every hardcopy pattern order comes with a Free bonus pattern. Such a good idea!

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

I ordered Elsie, plus the Posh Top. The free pattern was the Fern Top which wasn’t quite my style so I passed it on to Katie who made this wicked version. Let’s just say that Posh didn’t work out well so you won’t be seeing that one.

Elsie is described as a square shaped shirt with reverse revere, patch pockets and roll up sleeves. There are safari tabs and buttoned cuffs on the sleeves as well. It says to make the blouse is crepe, viscose, silk etc. I chose a random printed viscose from Barry’s in Birmingham and paired this with some white shell shank buttons from my stash.

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

The viscose wrinkles so badly!! But the top sews up really quickly. The revere is sewn in three separate pieces, attached to the front edges, then flipped out and top-stitched in place.

The safari tabs are a good touch too. I’ve always wanted a shirt with them but turns out they tickle when the sleeves are unrolled and the tab is loose on the inside.

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

I’m not massively in love with the high-low hem trend but this one actually pleases me a bit. It’s not too dramatic, I like the split seam and it helps cover my rear a little.

So I better just got to say it. I picked the wrong size. This is size 10 but I really don’t have the shoulders for it. This was sewn as the straight size (no alterations) but now I know the fit I’ll do a small shoulder adjustment and maybe a small bust adjustment too. It’s fine wearing a top underneath. I’ll probably do that even after shrinking the sizing.

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

 I’m still pretty happy with it and have made plans to make a silk version using some gorgeous blue silk with soft pink print that a family friend kindly gifted me.

So there we have it! Can’t wait to snap some more pics and put more garments on the blog. I’m remembering more about why I started my blog and needing a creative outlet from my work. Now my work is very creative and so driven towards a whole community of sewists, it’s nice to come back to my own little space to be a little selfish, just to share my own sewing.

style arc elsie blouse almond rock

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  1. Nice to have you back. We know we need to share you and that’s OK. It’s worth it for a great mag K xXx

  2. Yay, lovely to see the selfish sewing too:) I really like the neck band shape & love that fabric.

  3. Lovely version, I want to try a few long sleeved shirt patterns like this. First up is Camas blouse, but I might go for this one next!

  4. It’s a great shirt and I love the fabric that you chosen even it doesn’t behave. I’m not normally a shirt person but it looks really good x

  5. i love those details– that collar!

    re: the shoulders (which actually come off nice & relaxed!)–do you find SA patterns to be a little big for petite frames? i tried a pants pattern once, and it was heeeuoge!

  6. I’ve not seen this top and I like the notch detail in the neckline. So cute! As for fit, I have to say that I think it looks pretty great! The fabric lends itself nicely to a relaxed shape and the shirt underneath at the front doesn’t bother me at all. It’s lovely!

  7. Ooo! This is gorgeous. I absolutely love the shape of the collar and also the fabric.

  8. A lovely top. I didn’t know about style arc and the free pattern, really is a good idea.

  9. Anne-Rose says:

    This looks really lovely on you! I love Style Arc patterns, they seem to work quite well for me, I should give this pattern a try too!

  10. It really suits you Amy, I like the slight oversized look on you, and the fabric is sooo pretty!

  11. helen kempton says:

    Hi Amy, can you get the shirt on without unbuttoning it? I love the style of it but i’m terrible at buttons!

    1. almondrock says:

      Ooh yes. At the recommended size, yes it’s oversized enough for that! It’s what I do for sure. Have you tried pearl snap fasteners though? They’re fun!

  12. Love your blouse – I’m a huge STyleArc fan too! But like you say you need to really pay attention to the pattern pieces…I found it a very intuitive process but when my top was finished I loved it. They are so stylish and unique in their designs. For a beginner sewer I would recommend they start with something really quite simple and grow from there 🙂

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