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GIVEAWAY TIME – Pattern Pyramid is in Yorkshire!!

It started with the lovely Karen of Did You Make That? and 30 plus patterns (OMG) and it has travelled around the world, spreading sewing joy to the blogisphere.

And thanks to a fluke of fate I won the pattern pyramid hosted by the delightful Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

I have to confess I was a little scared when I heard I’d won. I didn’t think I’d have anything to repopulate the pyramid with.

I know that isn’t a rule of hosting a Pattern Pyramid (PP*) but I really want this thing to keep going as long as possible.

Soon I realised I did have some patterns to contribute so I can see this pyramid standing a lot longer yet!

Here’s what my parcel contained:


The coat Rachel added, a blouse that has been in there since the start (woooah), a pattern for a doll’s wardrobe and a draped shawl jacket/coat.

Only four items left!

I really wanted to like the blouse pattern. The girls look so sassy on the pattern envelope right?

I decided to take the coat pattern instead though as it will suit me more and give me a new challenge.

And here is what I added! A selection of prima patterns.**

20121218_2154272012-12-18 21.56.1020121218_2157002012-12-18 21.56.25

To Enter The Giveaway: 
  1. Leave a comment on this blog post expressing interest.
  2. The winner must agree to choose 1 pattern for herself and be ok with sending the rest off to any corner of the world.
  3. You must have a blog of your own to host the giveaway of the extra patterns.
  4. When you make your item, be sure to share with us . You will even have a lovely label to put on it.
  5. You must claim your win by sending me an email (see “contact me” in the right-hand pane) with your postal address. If you don’t get in touch within a reasonable time I’ll have to redraw.

With Christmas right on our doorsteps and the post office shutting down for a few days I’m going to let this run until midnight December 25th (GMT).

Consider it a belated Christmas present if you win!

* Have you ever realised what a weird word “Pyramid” is?! I tell you typing it for what feels like the twentieth time will make it hit home.

** I don’t think Prima patterns get fair credit. They do plenty of nice simple garments in well varied sizes and all for a very cheap price! So I hope someone will appreciate these.

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Speedy sewing and a WINNER!

Hi Everyone!

This is a quick post to share what I’ve been up to and of course reveal who won the pattern pyramid giveaway!!


Firstly if you don’t follow me on Twitter you might not know I’m currently distracted by endlessly cleaning my house for viewers to come see.

This sadly means that my little sewing nook has to stay spotless and I can’t drag out my jeans (or anything else substantial) to work on for fear of leaving fluffy thread filled carnage around me.


I did find time for something small and satisfying. One of the fabrics from my HomeCrafts goodie bag was this sweet floral stripe cotton. I got a fat quarter of each colourway.

Also at the Nottingham meet up I waxed lyrically about the wonder of zippered pouches for beginner sewists.

Then I remembered I could probably do with one for my embroidery project!


I followed this tutorial which I’ve used it the past and in no time had a cute case for all the bits and bobs I need. Perfect for fitting in my handbag and it left minimal mess behind.


Now onto the exciting part…

The winner is Shannon from ShanniLoves!!


To keep things fair I used a random number generator to help pick the winner. It’s a poor substitute for a fluffy assistant when I know other bloggers have lovely creatures to adjudicate their giveaways.

For everyone who didn’t win, hey don’t worry. Just keep an eye out for Shannon’s giveaway and you’ll be in with another chance!!

Have a lovely weekend everybody. I’ve no viewings so I might get to sew something big and messy. Woohooo!!

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Let’s try and relieve those January blues!

Hello everyone!
For those of you who have been back at work, school or returning to your normal routine this week I hope it’s been bearable.

Now I’m not saying that January is a depressing month but it can be known to cause the blues on occasion. I won’t bring us all down by thinking more about that.

One thing I’ve always loved about the blogging sewing community is that is shares the wealth. If someone has an overflowing stash they’ll offer it around. Blog milestone? Giveaways are arranged. And if someone receives a bumper pack of patterns well pattern pyramids are formed.

pattern pyramid almond rock 3 pattern pyramid almond rock 2 pattern pyramid almond rock 1

I received this stack of patterns from Kirsty at Top Notch (sewing ninja) before Christmas. There are some real gems! This isn’t even all of the patterns. It’s one big post parcel.

I selected the Hazel pattern to keep but it was a close call with the lovely yoked jacket or McCalls 5094. I also think the Threads pattern has a lot of potential.

To replenish the pot I added these three patterns!


Now its your turn to win. Just comment on this post before Sunday 19th Midnight GMT and you could win this pack of patterns to take one and pass along.

To enter you must have a Blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account where you can share your giveaway to other sewists.

The giveaway is open internationally so don’t let distance put you off!

Finally just for fun and since you’re commenting anyway I’d love to hear if you’re more of a fan of vintage or modern patterns.

Good luck everyone!

Dottie Doodle> Flossie Jamieson > I want to be a turtle > Top Notch > Almond Rock

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And the winner is…..

I’m very pleased to announce the winner of the Pattern Pyramid!!

First I’d just like to say new people have commented on the blog which has thrilled me.  And there was a great response from some familiar faces! So thanks everyone

And now without further ado…


Congratulations you’re going to win all of this….


Check your email as you should have a message from me. If not please contact me on the email address to the right.

**I used random number generator to pick the winner**

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